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    It Looks Like Kanye West Has Unfollowed Kim Kardashian On Instagram Amid Their Ongoing Divorce And Speculation That He Was Unfaithful

    The rapper unfollowed Kim and her family members' Twitter accounts a few months ago.

    With divorce proceedings underway, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seemed to maintain an amicable relationship after separating earlier this year.

    Reports about the former couple surfaced a few times in the months that followed Kim's decision to legally end their marriage.

    We learned that they agreed to share custody of their four children, saw Kim's Instagram post wishing her ex a happy birthday, and noticed when Kanye unfollowed the reality star and her family members on Twitter.

    Discussion about whether Kim and Kanye remained on good terms picked up again toward the end of the summer, when she supported him at those Donda listening parties and promoted the album on social media.

    Kanye on the left and Kim, wearing a latex bodysuit with gloves, walking out of a building together

    Things took a confusing turn in August. Kanye claimed that Kim was "still in love with him," she appeared on stage at one of his Donda previews wearing a wedding dress, and a lot of the eventual album's lyrics sounded like pretty obvious references to her and their time together.

    Kanye with his entire head covered during one of his listening parties

    There were some lyrics in particular that caused fans to speculate about the possibility Kanye had cheated on Kim.

    Now, about two weeks after Donda's release and amid the infidelity rumors, people realized that Kanye no longer follows Kim on Instagram.

    Granted, the musician only followed 12 other accounts, and his own was switched to private, as of Monday afternoon. A quick scroll through Kim's "following" list on Instagram confirmed that she still followed Kanye at the time, but had deleted the birthday message she posted for him in June, which said "Love U for Life."

    Even if Kim and Kanye — like many ex-partners — don't follow or post about each other on social media, hopefully they can remain cordial and continue to prioritize co-parenting their kids moving forward. What's your take on all this? LMK in the comments below.