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    Kim Kardashian West Posting That She Was Listening To Kanye's New Album But On Mute Is Funny To Me

    I laughed.

    I truly can't begin to understand what is currently going on with Kim and Kanye, so I'm skipping that whole thing and just getting to the stuff that makes me laugh.

    Specifically, this:

    bro I’m crying kim kardashian is playing donda on mute

    Twitter: @SaeedDiCaprio

    Kim posted herself "listening" to Kanye's new album, Donda, but the volume was literally turned all the way down.

    The. volume for "Hurricane" turned all the way down
    Kim Kardashian / Via Instagram: @kimkardashian


    Volume turned all the way down
    Kim Kardashian / Via Instagram: @kimkardashian

    But then, after word spread that she posted what were probably the wrong screenshots (aka that tweet went viral), she deleted them and shared new ones.

    Screenshot for "Donda" with volume almost midway
    Kim Kardashian / Via Instagram: @kimkardashian

    This time, with almost FULL VOLUME.

    Arrow pointing to volume cut off but past midway
    Kim Kardashian / Instagram: @kimkardashian

    YES, I know it's cut off, but that's what she posted. However, it's clear the VOLUME IS ON HIGH!!!

    And you know what? It's funny to me. Even more funny because turns out that max volume was too loud, so she lowered the volume for the next song.

    Volume for "Lord I Need You" midway across
    Kim Kardashian / Via Instagram: @kimkardashian

    And then lowered it more.

    Kim Kardashian / Via Instagram: @kimkardashian

    And it seemed that with each song, the volume got lower and lower.

    Volume for "Come to Life" about a third of the way
    Kim Kardashian / Instagram: @kimkardashian


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