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    Jake Gyllenhaal Has Actually Been Showering Regularly This Entire Time, Don't Worry

    "I answered a question where I was being sarcastic and ironic."

    With the summer's bewildering celebrity hygiene debate now in hindsight — albeit, just barely — Jake Gyllenhaal is reclaiming his own bathing narrative and, apparently, setting the record straight on that front once and for all.

    Just in case anyone managed to miss the Hollywood bathing saga that inexplicably dominated entertainment news headlines for weeks in July and August, let's review the main points before considering Jake's latest update.

    Basically, there are some mega-famous people who don't believe their kids really need to shower on a daily basis. Or, at least, they're cool with adopting and sharing this surprisingly lax perspective on personal hygiene in widely publicized interviews.

    As discussions raged on social media over both couples' comments, dozens of other celebrities added personal anecdotes to the bathing discourse. Jake was one of them.

    During an interview with Vanity Fair where he talked about being the face of Prada's new cologne, the actor casually noted that he "[finds] bathing to be less necessary, at times."

    The revelation left his fans astounded and a little bit incredulous. You're trying to tell me Jake's hair looks like this before showering? Please.

    As it turns out, the actor does, in fact, subscribe to a regular bathing routine.

    "I don't know what it was," he said during a recent screening of his upcoming film The Guilty, referencing the commotion that unfurled after his Vanity Fair interview. "I answered a question where I was being sarcastic and ironic, and it's followed me around."

    "Unfortunately, I showered before I came here," he continued. "So...I'm sorry, everybody."

    I, for one, certainly don't need an apology. But let me know how you all are feeling about this development in the comments below!