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An Academic Has Accused The Ministry Of Justice Of Changing Research That “Contradicted Its Policy”

Kathryn Hopkins, who has taken her former employer to tribunal, said the government department had a culture of making research look more favourable.

Emily Dugan • 7 days ago

An Academic Who Found A Sex Offender Programme Didn’t Work Was “Vindicated” When New Researchers Came To The Same Conclusion

An employment tribunal heard that Kathryn Hopkins, who is accusing the Ministry of Justice of bullying her out of her job, was told her findings that the therapy made rapists more like to reoffend “had been validated”.

Emily Dugan • 11 days ago

A Former Government Analyst Said The Ministry Of Justice Rejected Her Sex Offender Research Because It Didn’t Like The Results

Kathryn Hopkins told an employment tribunal that when her study found that sex offender treatment programmes increased reoffending, managers reacted with “anger and disbelief”.

Emily Dugan • 13 days ago

An Academic Said She Was Bullied At The Ministry Of Justice After Revealing It Was Running A Programme That Made Sex Offenders More Likely To Reoffend

Kathryn Hopkins’ study of the controversial Sex Offender Treatment Programme, believed to be attended by rapist John Worboys among others, found it made prisoners more likely to offend again.

Emily Dugan • 14 days ago

This Man Faces Deportation For Carrying Cannabis Despite Living In Britain Since He Was 4

“How can this possibly be just because I wasn’t born here? I grew up here, all my life’s been here... this is very hostile and cruel," Shannoy McLeod told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Dugan • 26 days ago

A Woman Died In Prison Six Years Beyond The Sentence For Her Crime. Now Her Family Have To Crowdfund To Prepare For Her Inquest

Charlotte Nokes had serious mental health problems and died in Peterborough prison after being held more than six years beyond the sentence for her crime.

Emily Dugan • One month ago

The Home Office Kept Telling This Grandmother Who's Lived In Britain Since She Was 2 To Prove She Was British

In the latest Home Office U-turn on an embarrassing immigration decision, Davinder Singh just won her citizenship battle, but only after the department was told BuzzFeed News was planning a story.

Emily Dugan • One month ago

A Torture Survivor Was Kept In Detention For More Than 13 Weeks Despite Several Suicide Attempts

Exclusive: Official figures reveal a mental health crisis in Britain's immigration detention estate, as the number of people on suicide watch grew by 5% in 2018, to 541 people.

Emily Dugan • 2 months ago

The Home Office Says It Will Continue Funding A Charity That Helps People The UK Deported To Jamaica

After annual funding for the National Organisation of Deported Migrants (NODM) in Jamaica was cut, the charity had to let some staff go.

Emily Dugan • 2 months ago

The Home Office Pulled Funding For A Charity Helping People It Deported To Jamaica, Days Before Announcing Windrush Compensation

Exclusive: The National Organisation of Deported Migrants (NODM) in Jamaica had Home Office funding for the last seven years. It was pulled three days before the compensation package for Windrush victims was announced.

Emily Dugan • 2 months ago

A Vulnerable British Man Has Been Missing Since The Home Office Told Him His Wife Can't Stay In The UK

Carl Allen was devastated when he learnt the Home Office had denied his Jamaican wife of 17 years a visa allowing her to stay in the UK.

Emily Dugan • 2 months ago

The Ministry Of Justice Has Been Accused Of Sitting On Evidence That Undermines Its Drive To Close Courts

Exclusive: Survey data left out of a published MoJ report showed that users of the justice system had a significantly more positive appearance if they had physically been in court.

Emily Dugan • 3 months ago

The Home Office Is Still Owed Most Of The Fines It Has Issued To Employers Using Undocumented Migrants

“It’s just a failed system, really,” the former head of enforcement at the Home Office told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Dugan • 4 months ago

A Home Office Job Advert Is Seeking Low-Paid Admin Temps To Decide If People Are Trafficking Victims

“The low level of pay and the requirements for this job go hand in hand with consistent low quality of decisions for slavery victims in the UK.”

Emily Dugan • 4 months ago

The Home Office Is Building A Massive Database Of Migrants

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said without proper scrutiny the project could lead to "the same discriminatory mistakes that saw Windrush citizens wrongly labelled as illegal."

Emily Dugan • 4 months ago

Victims Of Discrimination Will No Longer Have To Go Through Phone Vetting Before Meeting A Lawyer

The move is one of several announced in a review of legal aid changes, though many feel it does not go far enough. One judge told BuzzFeed News: "To call it a damp squib would be an understatement."

Emily Dugan • 4 months ago

A Man With Credible Fears For His Life Was About To Be Deported To Jamaica Despite Living In The UK Since He Was 5

Romaine, 24, has lived in the UK since early childhood and came to Britain after his father fled the Caribbean following serious death threats for his police work.

Emily Dugan • 4 months ago

The Home Office Is Being Sued Over Delays In Unaccompanied Child Asylum-Seekers’ Cases

Exclusive: Figures obtained by BuzzFeed News show that in August 2018 more than 1,600 children who arrived in Britain alone to seek asylum had been waiting more than a year for a decision.

Emily Dugan • 5 months ago

This Leaked Report Says Moving Justice Online Might Lead To Innocent People Pleading Guilty

Exclusive: The Magistrates Association says court reform proposals present “a very real risk of unfair or disproportionate outcomes for the most vulnerable people in our courts”.

Emily Dugan • 5 months ago

Ministry Of Justice Staff Called A BuzzFeed Journalist “Crazy” And A “Bitch” After She Published A Leaked Report

A senior lawyer said heavily redacted internal MoJ messages obtained by BuzzFeed News showed staff were “deliberately frustrating legitimate journalistic inquiry”.

Emily Dugan • 5 months ago