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43 Reasons Why The Best Two Kardashians Are Actually Kourtney And Khloe

Without them, who else would keep Kris and Kim in check?

Kourtney and Khloe are without a doubt the best Kardashians, for many reasons.

1. First off, there's the fact that the rest of the family can often be totally insane.

2. And in amongst the goddamn madness, they're always the voices of reason.

3. They have absolutely no time for anyone's shit.

4. And they will make this explicitly clear at all times.

5. They're the only ones who never miss an opportunity to mock a family member.

6. Whether it's a not-so-subtle dig at Kim's intelligence.

7. Or making comments about certain ~interesting~ career moves.

8. They're also very good at bringing everyone back down to earth.

9. Like when Kim wanted to brag about her Vogue cover shoot and Kourtney was having absolutely none of it.

10. Or when Khloe had the perfect response to Kim complaining about her hectic schedule.

11. And of course when Kourtney shut down Kim's crying over losing her $75,000 earring.

12. They're pretty much the only ones who will call their family out on the ridiculous ideas they have.

13. Or the bizarre things they do – like when Kourtney had the perfect reaction to Kim turning up at her house and standing around in her underwear.

14. As well as pointing out how highly strung everyone around them is.

15. They're never afraid to speak their minds.

16. Especially when it comes to their feelings about apologising.

17. They pretty much say what everyone else is thinking.

18. Like when Kris Jenner had a meltdown over Kim having psoriasis and Khloe said this.

It didn't go down too well.

19. In fact, Kourtney doesn't always need to use any words.

20. You can tell exactly what she's thinking by her facial expressions.

21. They're the only two who actually keep Kris Jenner in check.

22. Who else would answer the phone to her by saying this?

23. Or have this response to her doing a bra-less photo shoot?

24. They're the two members of the family with the best sense of humour and are the funniest double act.

25. And they're pretty much the only two family members who can really laugh at themselves – like when they joked about those OJ Simpson paternity rumours.

26. And when Kourtney managed to use Khloe's unfair label as "the fat sister" to perfect effect.

27. Because Kourtney is the absolute queen of one liners.

28. Seriously.

29. And without her there would be no one to put Kim in her place.

30. Like when she was bragging about her perfume deal.

31. And criticising her life choices.

32. And Kourtney will straight-up laugh in Kim's face when she cries.

33. In fact, Kourtney's reaction to most things Kim does is often just hilarious.

34. But we all know she cares deep down – like when she stuck up for Kim and absolutely slayed Kris Humphries in the process.

35. They're extremely inventive with their insults, whether they're aimed at their mother...

36. ...or Kim.

37. They will always give each other honest feedback about boyfriends.

38. Neither of them have any boundaries, and will say things like this to Kris.

39. And when Scott suggested a way to spice things up in the bedroom, Kourtney told him he had to try it first.

40. When Kourtney doesn't like someone she makes it clear.

41. And anyone Kourtney doesn't like, Khloe doesn't like either.

42. So thanks, girls, for always being direct.

43. And never giving a damn.

You're the best. 🙏