Taylor Swift Has Liked A Series Of Revealing Tumblr Posts After The Scooter Braun Drama

    "I'm tired of men manipulating and twisting a situation in order to make themselves look better and a woman look crazy."

    Yesterday, Taylor Swift shared a post on Tumblr after it was announced that Scooter Braun's company had acquired Taylor's former record label, Big Machine Records, for $300 million.

    Taylor left Big Machine Records at the end of 2018 after her 10-year contract expired. She then signed a new deal with Republic Records.

    When she announced her new deal on Instagram, Taylor explained that while she'd own the master recordings of all her work going forward, Big Machine would retain the rights to the masters for all six of her albums "in perpetuity".

    Taylor went on to say that Scooter owning the rights to her music was her "worst nightmare".

    Shortly after she posted her note on Tumblr, Justin took to Instagram and shared a lengthy caption that criticised Taylor for her comments about his manager, and he branded her a "bully".

    And while Taylor has not yet posted anything further on any of her social media accounts, she has been spending time on Tumblr liking numerous posts from her fans, which could give a glimpse into her mindset right now.

    Taylor liked several posts that referenced the fact that, after the news of the deal broke, Scooter posted to Instagram this screenshot from a friend, who'd captioned the image: "When your buddy buys Taylor Swift".

    1. Taylor firstly liked this post, which said the "phrasing of the comment" was "disgusting".

    2. She also liked this one, which was from a fan who said the comment had "turned [their] stomach".

    3. And she liked several posts from people expressing their disbelief over the comment.



    6. Taylor went on to like multiple posts that criticised the men involved in the situation — specifically Scooter, Scott, and Justin.

    7. "I'm fucking tired of men manipulating and twisting a situation in order to make themselves look better and a woman look crazy," wrote one fan.

    8. "Remember what Halsey said about men wanting to have power just to abuse that power and women wanting to have power so they could stop being abused? This is exactly what is going on here," said another.

    9. This fan said they were "disgusted" by the attempt to invalidate Taylor's feelings.

    10. And Taylor also liked this post that criticised Scooter's wife, Yael Braun, for getting involved and posting her own statement defending her husband.

    11. Taylor then liked many of the posts that took issue with Yael and described her Tumblr post as a "temper tantrum".


    13. As well as several others that took issue with Justin calling her a "bully".



    16. She also liked this post, which referenced a line from Justin's post about the fact they hadn't "gotten to communicate [their] differences".

    17. And Taylor went on to like numerous comments that highlighted the fact that most of celebrities who have spoken out in support of Taylor have been women.

    18. "The silence coming from the men in the music industry right now is deafening," wrote one fan.

    19. "The first man who speaks out will be the real man," said another.

    20. But some fans pointed out that people should be concentrating on the crux of Taylor's argument — her disappointment over not owning her work — rather than ~spilling the tea~ or ~shading~ other celebrities. And she liked those posts too.


    22. She also liked this post, which praised her for describing Kanye's "Famous" video "revenge porn".

    23. As well as this one, which described the terms of the contract as "bribery".

    24. And other posts that said she should've had the option to purchase the rights to her master recordings.


    26. Taylor liked some posts from people expressing their heartfelt sympathy.

    27. And others that said her anger and hurt over the situation were justified.

    28. And, finally, the last post Taylor liked was this one referencing the butterflies that have been featured heavily throughout the Lover era so far.