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    25 Of The Most Regrettable Celebrity Tweets

    Fail Whale.

    1. When #Craig #David didn't #quite understand how #best to use #hashtags.

    2. When Kanye West reacted maturely to a Jimmy Kimmel sketch.

    3. When Mary J. Blige overestimated her ability to proof read tweets.

    4. When Katy Perry shared far too much information.

    5. When Lindsay Lohan got her social media accounts confused.

    6. And when she came up with this hilarious April Fools' joke.

    7. When Kourtney Kardashian went all David Attenborough on us.

    8. When Lee Ryan proved himself to be quite the philosopher.

    9. And when he expressed his love of writing "story's."

    10. And when he had this deep thought.

    11. When Jaden Smith was inspired by Lee Ryan's way of thinking.

    12. When Cher let us in on her struggles with technology...

    13. ...Especially with Fkn tube & google.

    14. When Alexa Chung forgot that Twitter IS NOT THE PLACE TO SHARE SEX DREAMS.

    15. When Susan Boyle's Album party went very, very wrong.

    16. When Charlie Sheen shared his phone number with the world.

    17. When Maria Fowler offered her commentary on the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

    18. When LeAnn Rimes forgot to keep things positive.

    19. When Nick Cannon shared his interesting parenting techniques.

    20. When Kim Kardashian had a brush with politics.

    21. And when she hated breastfeeding.

    22. When Niall Horan fan-girled over Justin Bieber before he was famous.

    23. When 50 Cent forgot that Twitter isn't Facebook.

    24. When Lil Jon decided this was appropriate for social media.

    25. And finally, when Jessica Simpson gave us this mental image.