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27 Out Of Character Moments That Almost Ruined People's Favourite TV Shows And Movies

Why would they do that?!

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community which out of character moment from TV shows and movies annoyed them. Here are the best responses.

1. When Dan and Blair got together in Gossip Girl.

The CW

They spent the whole show hating each other and when they started dating it literally made no sense for either of their characters. The writers had obviously run out of plot lines at that point. It pissed me off so much I almost didn't finish the show.


2. When Rory dropped out of Yale in Gilmore Girls.

Warner Bros

She left Yale, stopped talking to Lorelai and moved in with her grandparents. That whole storyline was everything Rory wasn't.


Rory Gilmore stole the yacht, moved in with her grandparents, and then decided to drop out of Yale and join the Daughters of the American Revolution. Like, WTF Rory?! Lorelai put her dreams on hold and sacrificed so much to make sure Rory went to college and could achieve her dreams. It was so not Rory to be like that.


3. And when Lorelai cut Rory out of her life for dropping out of college.

Warner Bros

I never believed for a second that Lorelei would completely cut Rory out when she decided to drop out of Yale. As a mother, there’s no way I would cut one of my children out of my life because I didn’t agree with their decision. That’s not tough love, and after everything Lorelei gave up for Rory, and how close they were, I felt that was so wrong. Lorelei is immature and far from perfect, but she’s a mother and has been since she was 16.


4. Not to mention the fact that Rory acted completely out of character throughout the Gilmore Girls revival.


Rory's entire life was a complete mess. She became lazy and entitled. Plus, there's the fact that in the original series she'd apparently learned her lesson about sleeping with guys who were taken after the whole Dan and Lindsay thing, and yet we're supposed to believe in the revival that she's just casually sleeping with Logan when he's engaged?!


5. When Katniss happily settled down with Peeta and started a family at the end of The Hunger Games.


It is absolutely not her character and has bugged me for so long.

— maegana44b9c1e1f

6. When Aidan cheated on his wife with Carrie in Sex and the City 2.


Aidan would NOT have kissed Carrie! He was essentially the perfect guy! He was happily married with kids and the character from the show just wouldn't have done that to his wife. It was obvious the writers wanted to satisfy the fans who were still Team Aidan vs Team Big and needed him to look imperfect or flawed for once. I'll just always hate that unnecessary scene.


7. The entire ending of Dexter.

John Goldwyn Productions

The ending is known for being awful but what I hated about it most was him leaving his son. He loved his son so much and had spent his whole life trying to make things normal for him, so it was both selfish and extremely out of character to just abandon him. And he wasn't even close enough to Hannah to trust her with his son forever.


8. When Olivia stole the underwear of a rape victim in season seven of Law and Order SVU.


Olivia tracks down a rape victim, follows her home and then STEALS HER UNDERWEAR even though she'd repeatedly told Olivia she didn't want police involvement. I get that it was a way to write her out for the season because she was pregnant, but Olivia had spent the previous six seasons being a victims' advocate, so for her to suddenly be obsessed really turned me off. It was a wild 180 and I haven't watched it since.


9. When Toby leaked classified information in The West Wing.

Warner Bros

He leaked classified information and then waited way too long to come clean whilst CJ was investigated by the FBI. It was completely and totally against everything Toby stood for and I'm still mad 13 years later.


He never would have done this and in earlier seasons was actually shown to be disappointed with his staff who made similar leaks. Even Richard Schiff who plays Toby disagreed with the storyline.


10. And everything about the filibuster episode of The West Wing.

Warner Bros

The plot involved them all refusing to put autism funding into a child healthcare bill until they find out a senator’s grandson has autism. Then suddenly it’s all hands on deck to get the bill reopened so they can get some funding. They’re always about helping the little guy. This insider move is out of character for almost the entire cast. It bothers me every single time I rewatch the series.


11. When Monica in Friends didn't care that Joey messed up her wedding ceremony.

20th Century Fox

Joey completely messed up the order of the ceremony and Monica seemed as though she just didn't care. She's a HUGE perfectionist. She was always neurotic about everything around her being in the right place and her plans going exactly right. It's the entire identity of her character. But when her carefully planned wedding that she's dreamed of since she was a child finally comes and the person doing the ceremony messes it all up, she isn't the least bit upset?! It makes no sense.


12. When Jackson questioned his faith in Grey's Anatomy.


It was literally the biggest roadblock between him and April for years and led to their divorce. But after almost getting hit by a car he thinks maybe there is a god after all? What about when the ambulance blew up? When the helicopter hit turbulence? When the hospital shooting happened? Nope. Not buying it.

— aaronr41a39e0d1

13. When Sam didn't look for Dean when he went to purgatory in Supernatural.


When Dean came back from purgatory and Sam just...hadn't looked for him? Like, you see them psychotically attached for the entire show but then Dean disappears and Sam didn't even attempt to search for him?!


14. When Ted helped Victoria run away from her wedding in How I Met Your Mother.

20th Century Fox Television

I understand why she wanted to leave her wedding, but Ted letting himself be the reason a bride ditched a guy at the altar? Nope, nope, nope. It was so not his style — he even said that earlier in the episode! Plus, two people being jilted in one season? Talk about jumping the shark.


15. When Spike tried to rape Buffy in season six of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Mutant Enemy Productions

It was so out of character and unnecessary. There were several moments across the seasons where Buffy rejected his advances and he never got violent. In fact, he was always gentle and there for her despite her hating him. He was always portrayed as being a layered, often comedic character so for him to force himself on Buffy when they broke up made no sense — he would've tried to win her back the way he got her in the first place.

— rachmucha

16. When JD slept with Jordan in the first series of Scrubs.


It always makes me cringe! He regards himself as a professional doctor but sleeps with a patient under his care! So bad.


17. When Blaine cheated on Kurt in Glee.

Fox Broadcasting Company

It felt like such a lazy way for the writers to cause conflict between a main couple, especially after season three where Blaine made it clear he considered texting another person cheating. To have him turn around and hook up with someone else just for drama felt cheap.


18. When Elena got over murdering someone within minutes in The Vampire Diaries.

The CW

Elena and Damon accidentally kill someone, and she's broken for all of a few minutes before the event is never spoken about again. That's so off because when Elena does something bad, she would usually be guilt-ridden for a while. She always claimed to be so loving towards humanity, and it's proved throughout the series, but then she kills someone and never says a single word or expresses any remorse afterwards? Odd.


19. When Fiona in Shameless caused her three-year-old child to ingest cocaine.


It was so out of character for a woman who worked her hardest at her own expense to raise those kids well. To put her life and their lives in danger like that by having the drug in the house and doing it in the first place was completely out of character to the point where I couldn't watch it after that.


20. When Thomas Barrow underwent gay conversion therapy in Downton Abbey.


I adore him and one of my favourite things about him was the fact he was unashamedly gay even though it could lead to his imprisonment. But from season five, he started gay conversion therapy and eventually ended up attempting suicide after being relentlessly bullied by other members of staff. It was not only out of character for a man who was proud of who he was, but the storyline being rushed, unexplained and given little screen time made it even worse.


21. When Jan's entire personality changed after she got together with Michael in The Office.


The biggest moment was when they were at David Wallace's cocktail party and Michael was embarrassing the crap out of Jan. She took him to the bathroom to yell at him but ended up getting really turned on instead and then snapped back to angry when Michael rejected her. I kept waiting for them to diagnose her with a brain tumour because of her crazy personality flips.


22. When Alison suddenly transformed into a good person at the end of Pretty Little Liars.


The show started off with her being a manipulative person and a bully. Towards the end she suddenly transformed into a good person who victimised herself for things she did to others?! It was as though all the manipulation she'd put her friends through and all the lives she'd messed with was forgotten.


23. When Scotty cheated on Kevin in Brothers and Sisters.


I just felt like that was something Scotty would never do. He loved Kevin from day one and was so secure and stable in that, so to have him cheat on Kevin towards the end of the series was a real bummer for me.


24. When Barney secretly fell in love with Robin in How I Met Your Mother.

20th Century Fox Television

We're told countless times that he's a womaniser with no feelings, and then all of a sudden we're supposed to believe that he has all these complex feelings?! And after Robin, he's instantly capable of love?!


25. When Veronica lost all of her morals in season two of Riverdale.

The CW

She was set up in the first season as a reformed mean girl who regrets her past bitchiness and has changed into an empathetic and kind person who's morally righteous. In season two, she suddenly decides to get involved with her dad's mafia ties and help monopolise the entire town and basically support him in all of his criminal activity that's actively hurting the people of Riverdale. Thank god they made her see the light at the end of the season, but most of it was unwatchable because of how badly the character had been written.


26. When Phoebe broke her vegetarianism in Friends.

20th Century Fox

The writers consistently used her vegetarianism as a punch line, which would be fine, except that Phoebe had strong morals and had been a vegetarian her whole life. She would never have eaten a cheeseburger because she was heartbroken, worn that damn fur coat just because it looked good, or chowed down on tons of carcass while pregnant. It was all completely out or character due to the writers' apparent ignorance.


27. And, finally, when Andy appeared to have a personality transplant in the final season of The Office.


It was completely infuriating. We had all this amazing character development and he was so happy and caring with his co-workers. But when he came back from his sailing trip he was a total jerk and stayed that way for most of the season. They did so much work to make him a good sub for Michael and then just threw it all out of the window.

— KateMoose

I understand they had to have him written out for a while because he was filming other things, but couldn't they have found a more creative or cohesive storyline?


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