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Which Moment Where Someone Acted Completely Out Of Character In A TV Show Or Movie Annoyed You?

They would never do that!

Everyone loves kicking back with their favourite TV show or movie.

But occasionally you'll come across a moment where someone will behave so completely out of character that it ruins the whole thing.

Maybe it was Olivia Pope appearing to have a complete personality transplant by becoming a power hungry villain in season six of Scandal.

Or perhaps you were completely baffled by Tyra and Landry randomly murdering a guy and covering it up in season two of Friday Night Lights.

Or maybe it was the fact that prolific womaniser Barney actually settled down and got married to Robin in How I Met Your Mother that annoyed you.

Whatever the example, let us know which out of character moment annoyed the hell out of you, and the reason why, using the Dropbox below. The best responses will feature in a BuzzFeed post or video!