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19 Movies With Scenes That Are Actually Really Sexist

Some of these really haven't stood the test of time.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which movies they find sexist. Here are some of the best responses.

1. The entire premise of Splash.

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Sexist and extremely alarming is Tom Hanks taking a clearly very confused (and scantily clad) Daryl Hannah home from the police station and keeping her as a sex toy despite not knowing who the fuck she is.


2. The fact that Marty's mom is sexually assaulted in Back to the Future and it goes completely unchecked.

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures
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Biff tries to take advantage of Marty's mom, and then the family later HIRES him, not thinking at all about how Lorraine would feel considering she was sexually assaulted by him.


The scene where Biff is in the car with Marty's mother. I didn't notice it for a long time, but recently I realised he's straight-up sexually assaulting her.


3. The "makeover" in She's All That.


A lot of teen rom-com movies feature some kind of "makeover," but the clearest example is in She's All That. The "nerdy" girl is unpopular until she suddenly takes off her glasses, puts on a dress and is "beautiful" enough to be the girl of Zack's dreams. And we're supposed to see that as romantic.


A girl — who is adorable and relatable to begin with — needs a whole makeover (adds contacts and loses ponytail) to change not only a guy's but the entire school's opinion of her. It’s the classic late ’90s and early 2000s “chick flick” move. Let’s add some makeup and a slinky outfit and she’s finally no longer invisible. Bleh, gross.


4. The kinda shitty message in The Wedding Planner.

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The whole premise of the movie is based on the "those who can't wed, plan" trope. She is saved by a mystery man who ends up being the groom at one of her weddings. He leads her on, she falls for him, but no one addresses the fact that this engaged dude is dancing with her in the park. In the end, she agrees to marry a guy she is disgusted by just for the sake of getting married, only to be saved again by the handsome groom. It contributes to this idea that women are obsessed with ~happily ever after~, and a woman's entire goal in life is to be married.


5. The fact Elle falls for the total douchebag in The Kissing Booth.


The guy in the movie, Noah, tells every guy in school that they can't date his little brother's best friend, Elle. He then proceeds to boss her around and tell her how to live her life. He's a total douchebag and she just takes it and falls for him anyway. There's so much about this movie that infuriates me but this is the worst thing.


6. The treatment of Sévérine in Skyfall.


The whole plotline concerning Sévérine is just gross and tacky. She’s a victim of sexual trafficking, and after sharing this with Bond he proceeds to have sex with her as if him freeing her from this situation entitles him to her sexually. Then after she's captured by Silva he shows very little regard for her life, delivering the excessively callous line, "Waste of a good scotch," after her death. The only reason for her inclusion in the film was for a steamy sex scene and her eventual death. Her character is the embodiment of women as commodity, which has too long been a part of the Bond films. It’s way past time for that to be retired, or maybe Bond needs to be retired!


7. The marital rape in Gone With the Wind.


It's been my favourite movie since I was a small child. However, as I got older I realised that Rhett totally raped Scarlett when he was drunk and carried her up the stairs. Marital rape wasn’t illegal or socially unacceptable during the Civil War or in 1939, but that doesn’t change the fact that Scarlett was raped.


Has anyone seen Gone With the Wind lately? The only way Rhett can get into Scarlett's pants is to rape her and then the next morning she's all googly-eyed for him. I saw it again recently after decades and I couldn't believe it. No wonder generations of men grew up so warped. That bull was considered romantic!

—Jayne Johns, Facebook.·

8. And the rape scene in Revenge of the Nerds.

20th Century Fox

The girl is purposefully misled into thinking that the nerd in the Vader mask is a different guy that she wants to have sex with.


Having sex with someone when you're wearing a mask and they believe you're their significant other is rape by deception.


9. The fact that a pretty dull male character was the lead in Ant-Man despite the female character being way more interesting.


They set up Hope as being experienced, competent, a quick thinker, familiar with the suit and the building they were infiltrating. They set up Scott as...a random dude who got caught on his last two break-ins. So why was she not the main character? Because Marvel still thinks a female-led superhero movie will not draw in the same amount of money.


10. In fact, the treatment of women in superhero movies generally is sexist AF.


The fridging of wives and girlfriends in movies like The Dark Knight, Deadpool 2, The Crow, and the X-Men franchise, where women are treated as motivation rather than actual characters, and their pain is used to develop the male characters.


11. The fuckery in Passengers.

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Jennifer Lawrence's character had friends, a career, and a good income but was never happy. Then comes Chris Pratt with all his bulging man parts and it turns out that was all she needed. Like, literally, she gives up friends, family, basically all interaction with society and the rest of the world, because in the end all a woman needs in life to be happy is a dude.


He woke her up and sentenced her to a miserable life and death like his, all because he was lonely and she was cute.


12. All the times Andy in The Devil Wears Prada was referred to by her dress size rather than her name.

20th Century Fox

She's not a person, she's just an undesirable dress size. It's awful.


13. This scene in Animal House.

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There's a scene where one of the frat guys is deciding whether to rape a girl who was passed out at a party. I can’t even imagine that being funny in 1978.


14. The lyrics to "A Hymn to Him" in My Fair Lady.

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I recently rewatched the musical and got so angry listening to the song.


15. The way The Age of Adaline played into the trope of "women just playing hard to get."


I loved the movie when it first came out but then I watched it again a few years later and realised how sketchy it was. The guy keeps forcing her to go out with him even after she says no in multiple scenarios throughout the movie. And, just because he's hot and she's hot, it's assumed that she's just "playing hard to get." No means no! It's super creepy.


16. The treatment of Tess in Ocean's Eleven.

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Ocean's Eleven used to be one of my favourites until I rewatched it recently. Julia Roberts' character Tess is this beautiful, refined woman who seems fiery but actually is nothing more than a prize between two men, with no agency of her own. She only leaves Terry because she sees him choose money over her and not because he's, you know, a controlling dick. Obviously that means she's going to get back with Danny despite the fact that he's a liar, a criminal, and that Tess wanted nothing to do with him the entire movie. Tess deserved better than either of them.


17. And the depiction of the lead woman character in Jurassic World.

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Universal Pictures

She's great at her job, and just because she's hardworking she's treated as though she's a ball-busting ice queen that doesn't like sex as opposed to her being dumb, bubbly, and giving it up to everyone. I guess women can't be strong and important like the big, burly men in movies.

—Tammy Taitt, Facebook

18. The fact that the only impetus for Elle Woods going to law school is to win her ex-boyfriend back.

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It's literally about a gorgeous girl who gets dumped because she wasn't taken seriously. Then she works her ass off to get into Harvard just so she can get back together with him?!


19. And, finally, everything about Shallow Hal.

20th Century Fox

I tried watching it recently with a friend who had never seen it, and the blatant sexism from the writers and the characters was too much that we had to turn it off after 20 minutes.


Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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