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    22 Celebrities You'd Forgotten Have Criminal Records

    If you do the crime...

    1. Will Smith β€” aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy.

    2. Matthew Broderick β€” careless driving.

    3. Tim Allen β€” cocaine possession, drunk driving.

    4. Mark Wahlberg β€” initially charged with attempted murder.

    5. Bill Gates β€” driving without a license and speeding.

    6. Nick Pickard β€” drink driving.

    7. Khloe Kardashian β€” drink driving.

    8. Jay Z β€” stabbing.

    9. Kiefer Sutherland β€” drunk driving.

    10. Matthew McConaughey – drug possession.

    11. Stephanie Pratt β€” shoplifting and drug posession.

    12. Chace Crawford β€” drug possession.

    13. Vanilla Ice β€” possession of a firearm, assault and battery.

    14. 50 Cent β€” drug dealing, assault and battery.

    15. Woody Harrelson β€” disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

    16. Amelle Berrabah β€” drunk driving.

    17. Marilyn Manson β€” sexual misconduct.

    18. Christian Slater β€” drunk driving, assault, possession of a firearm, sexual assault.

    19. Bruno Mars β€” drug possession.

    20. Cheryl Cole β€” ABH.

    21. Carmen Electra β€” assault and battery.

    22. Stephen Fry β€” credit card fraud.