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38 Things Catholic Girls Love

This list is consubstantial with your spirit.

1. Pope Francis

2. Disney Movies

3. Claddagh Rings

4. Girl Scouts

5. This Photo of Pope John Paul II

6. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

7. Pancakes


8. Mumford & Sons

9. Saint Bracelets

10. Sister Act


11. Having a Crush on a Priest, Brother, or Seminarian

(Or a boy who then decides to join the priesthood.)

12. Comparing the Ugliness and Itchiness of School Uniforms

13. Big Families

14. The Virgin Mary


16. Scapulars

17. Nuns

18. Filet-O-Fish

19. Saint Anthony


20. Confirmation Names

21. Nativity Sets

22. Custom T-shirts

23. Babies


24. The Dick Van Dyke Show Episode "The Life and Love of Joe Coogan"

25. Saint Christopher Visor Clips

26. Veils and Mantillas

27. The Sound of Music

28. Lourdes Water

29. Mission Trips

30. St. Francis Bird Feeders and Birdbaths

31. C.S. Lewis

Getty Images

32. Giving up Facebook for Lent

33. The University of Notre Dame


34. Matt Maher

35. Rosary Bracelets

36. Women's Retreats

37. Candles

38. The Succession to the Crown Act 2013

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