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    37 Things To Buy In 2020 That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

    Future You will thank Right-Now You for these smart buys.

    1. Wood polish and conditioner that'll revive all sorts of heirloom and sidewalk finds so you can bring your great-grandmother's rocking chair back to fighting condition for the nursery. You just may find all kinds of new projects to tackle with this potion to keep ya' busy all year!

    2. Water bottle-cleaning tablets so you'll get way more use out of that Yeti tumbler instead of getting grossed out by stains and then springing for a new one. That positive impact on the environment (and your pocketbook) only helps if you keep using that reusable drink container.

    3. An Instant Pot cookbook so you can actually use that Instant Pot someone bought you for Christmas last year. Go ahead, it's great!

    4. Or if you're still one of the IP holdouts (to each their own!) a budget-friendly, plant-based cookbook could be just the thing to kickstart your meal planning — even if you're merely vegan-curious.

    5. Reusable makeup remover pads (with a mesh laundry bag) for creating less waste AND cutting the cost of disposable pads. RIP to the mountain of mascara-streaked waste I've created.

    6. And micellar cleansing water that'll gently remove your waterproof makeup at a budget-friendly price. No more trashing your stained washcloths!

    7. Fridge shelf liners designed to absorb excess moisture and keep fresh groceries fresher for a tad longer.

    8. A soft menstrual cup designed for people who have a history of bladder sensitivity or found other firmer cups to cause discomfort or cramping. You don't *have* to resign yourself to spending money on lots of tampons just because a cup didn't work for you before!

    9. Oral hygiene dog chews that could be worth a try before you default to a (pricey) under-anesthesia pro dental cleaning. These before and after pics don't lie.

    10. A wall-mounted scratching post that'll entice your cat more than your brand new couch. Eek.

    11. Charcoal shoe inserts to help you ~lazily~ fight the funk any time your footwear's in storage, lest you have to throw out another pair of your kid's sneakers because they've tainted the mudroom.

    12. Plant-watering globes disguised as cute accents to salvage that nice plant you spent way too much on and keep forgetting to water. But you still haven't killed it yet! GO YOU.

    13. But while we're helping out those plants, some indoor plant food spikes to help those plant bbs THRIVE.

    14. And some houseplant sticky stakes to lure in and annihilate gnats, thrips, and fruit flies in a "disgustingly effective" upgrade to your indoor garden.

    15. A leak-proof lunch container that'll actually have enough room for your meal-prepped lunch. And it's microwave- and dishwasher-safe so you're more likely to use it in your pursuit of cutting down on your $14 lunch salad habit.

    16. A fireplace whitewashing kit for a transformation on the cheap. Don't even LOOK up how much it'll cost you for a new fireplace surround. Trust me.

    17. An insulated tote bag with enough room for 25 soda cans that'll be big enough for snacks and drinks during family picnics.

    18. A digital scale with a bowl so you can get your measurements exact and save yourself the time and gas money on a trip to the store for that one thing you measured incorrectly.

    19. Stain-lifting pads made to tackle icky pet stains. You love 'em but you don't have to live with their stains. Here's to avoiding renting a carpet cleaner to deal with accidents.

    20. Wool dryer balls to help reduce wrinkles and your drying cycle time by up to 25%.

    21. Cat paw chair socks that'll keep your floors looking perfect — especially if you're a renter who KNOWS your landlord is looking for any excuse to not return your security deposit.

    22. Incredibly potent air sanitizer — funeral directors swear by it — to eliminate any horrible smell with a startling efficiency. Spray a bit for all the ineffective flowery air fresheners of yore.

    23. A book about roommates that can help you find a solid roomie and walk you through some awkward talks in case you're already in a less-than-stellar situation.

    24. And a toiletries shower locker in case you share a shower with folks who seem to also have a taste for luxury shampoo and conditioner. YOUR shampoo and conditioner.

    25. Mesh laundry bags so you have enough for your bras and other delicates. Also, put your socks in one so you'll never lose one again?!!??!!

    26. A 24-pack of Hallmark Cards (with a pretty box) to help prep for a festive occasion without having to pay $3 per a card. And then $25 for other things you "could use" but don't really "need" in the traditional sense.

    27. A *legit* temporary tattoo service that lets you test run your own design for up to 18 days so you can get a real look and feel for your skin art before you take the plunge.

    28. A super adaptable sofa you can add on to over time, which will be so much cheaper than investing in a new couch when your family grows.

    29. A highly rated hair dryer that'll last, quickly dry your locks, and de-frizz. It's a favorite of pro stylists!

    30. A rapid egg cooker that'll help avoid a repeat of the Deviled Eggs Disaster of Thanksgiving 2019. And 2018. And 2017. And 2016. But I don't wanna dredge up the past.

    31. A tooth-whitening pen that's vegan, cruelty-free, AND easier on sensitive teeth than (pricier) whitening strips. (Your teeth are totally going to do that *ding* thing when you smile.)

    32. Reusable K-cups you can pair with bulk-buy coffee to seriously cut down on waste AND your caffeinated bottom line.

    33. A roller stamp that'll cover up sensitive info on bills and other mail for a little peace of mind.

    34. Lightweight (washable) shopping bags you can keep in your car for shopping trips where you'd get charged for a plastic bag OR sandy trips to the beach for easy cleanup.

    35. And mini spatulas that'll help you do the same thing on your pricey holy grail beauty products to help you get every last penny's worth. Or even your cheap drugstore foundation. Every. Drop. Counts.

    36. A couple of silicone masking brushes that won't eat up your holy grail mask like brushes with bristles or using your fingers to apply would.

    37. A BuzzFeed's Tasty seasoning kit with five spice blends that'll liven up your standard weekday dinners and help you avoid the temptation to order pizza again.

    You traveling back in time to now from mid-2020 to thank yourself.

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