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    31 Subscriptions You Can Buy Now You’ll Be So Glad You Have A Few Months From Now

    Future You will be thrilled with fully stocked cleaning kits, period products, coffee, tasty ingredients to whip up dinner, and pet supplies.

    1. Blueland refills to prevent your cleaning supplies from running low as an excuse to skip cleaning the kitchen. Once you buy into a starter kit you'll have the bottles to refill with the cleaning tablets and water.

    the cleaning kit with empty bottles and tablets

    2. Death Wish Coffee (yep, that's the name!) anyone who loudly and proudly talks about how they can never get enough coffee will be intrigued by and adore. Caffeine on a consistent basis is always a good thing.

    hand holding up the coffee bag with a skull and cross bones design on the bag

    3. Or if you're a lil' less extreme, a coffee subscription delivered right to your door so you can stay deliciously caffeinated as the universe intended.

    person opening the shipment of coffee

    4. An "ultra coffee" concentrate in case you'd rather just add water (and milk, if you take it that way) for a quick, delicious caffeinated that is waaaay effective.

    hand holding the bottle of coffee concentrate

    5. A K-beauty sheet mask subscription that'll cost less than $10 a month! Winter winds, try your best!

    collection of sheet masks

    6. Shudder – it'll keep you all full up if you thrive on horror, sci-fi, thrillers, and more... especially outside of the month of October.

    bloody woman, monster made of human teeth, Nic Cage with his face covered in blood

    7. A Home Chef subscription – it's a fan fave amongst my friend group thanks to its easy instructions and accurate cooking times. Oh, and the food is also great too! (And they offer protein packs and oven-ready meals.)

    sheet pan roasted vegetables

    8. A Hunt A Killer subscription so you can solve your way through a (faux) now that you've finished all the true-crime stuff on Netflix and, give or take a few months, might do the same with true-crime podcasts!

    the Hunt a Killer box

    9. Dry dog food or wet cat food you can subscribe to and save 5% or 10% every month. After all, hauling a bag of dog food from the shelf to your cart to your car to your home is getting pretty old, huh?

    10. And leakproof puppy training pads that'll really help with that pup Santa brought the kids. Your floors will thank you.

    dog sitting on a puppy pad in a kitchen

    11. A Hungryroot grocery delivery with 10-minute recipes tailored to your dietary needs/wants because you've been meaning to do so more research into buys that don't have artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. But that sounds like a whole lotta work. Let Hungryroot do it for ya as a gift to February You.

    kitchen with Hungryroot items in it

    12. An Imperfect foods subscription to help cut down on food waste while keeping you well-fed because the service helps farmers (and you with cost-saving) by filling deliveries with surplus and imperfect items like off-size eggs, scarred almonds, and funny-looking carrots that are deemed too ugly for grocery stores.

    box of groceries

    13. Nutpods dairy-free creamer made from almond and coconut can give your coffee a smooth taste without messing with your stomach. Plus, some reviewers say it makes your coffee a bit sweeter, so you could even skip other additions! No more running out the store (meaning, running by the coffee shop) bc you're out of creamer!

    packages of the creamer with coffee

    14. The Sip Society to reward yourself with some champagne testing on the reg. Plus, the subscription comes with info on the history, tasting, and storage of the bubbly beverage.

    three small champagne bottles on a kitchen counter

    15. A Pig of the Month Club subscription – it comes with lots o' meaty options that are all but ready for ya'. Here's to the hard work having been already done for some amazing ribs that landed on your doorstep.

    pork chops grilling on a grill

    16. Vellabox to keep any candle lover satisfied with their high-quality goods that'll feel like a gift. I've tried it out and the presentation is everything!

    subscription box with two candles in it

    17. Planting With P that'll help grow your plant family at a steady rate, plus help you load up on other cool essentials.

    a cactus with a sage stick, succulent votive candle, and succulent theme enamel pin

    18. Lola period products made with 100% organic cotton so you'll always have an adequate stash instead of running out to the store because you're down to your last tampon. We've all been there!

    19. A Sips By tea subscription with customized picks so you can zero in on your fave new tasting notes. Now *that's* something to cheers to (even if it's not with booze).

    person holding a box with the tea items in it

    20. Motherhood Rental, a clothing subscription from A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity, which can be will be SUPER helpful for someone who's body seems to be constantly changing because they're growing a tiny human.

    pregnant model looking at maternity items on a clothing rack

    21. P.volve for various streaming workouts to keep you moving, even when the excitement for snowy winter weather has completely worn off.

    a class streaming on a laptop and a phone

    22. An antiperspirant hand lotion that'll help stop hand sweat — whether you've been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis or not.

    hand holding a bottle of the cream

    23. Walmart+ for the perks of free shipping, free delivery from your store for $35+ orders, save 5 cents/gallon on fuel, and use mobile scan & go. TL;DR: it can make your life way easier if you already shop at Walmart.

    Walmart bag of groceries on a welcome mat

    24. Spotify Premium that, like for me, will probably be the best $9.99 you spend every month. Especially now that there are a ton of podcasts on there!

    25. Rosetta Stone to help you finally learn a new language you were set on learning for your 2020 resolutions. Your France Pinterest boards are thriving. Now to learn how to ask for a wine. You've gotta start with the basics!

    a collage of two different pictures, a building with a bike and the Eiffel tower, with "time to learn" written across the graphic

    26. A mouthwash that'll target sulfur-producing bacteria in case you've tried just about everything else to annihilate that funk.

    hand holding a bottle of the mouthwash

    27. Amazon Prime Wardrobe to help you give stuff clothing you see on Amazon a trial run before deciding to keep them. Sometimes you're not so sure about that pair of shoes but a runway walk in your living room in front of the dogs can help you make up your mind.

    Sorel boots

    28. Book of the Month – it'll deliver a current, best-selling book for some fresh reading material once you've worked through the stack you bought yourself for the holidays. Plus there are tons of genres and books for your choosing!

    29. Or if you prefer digital, a Kindle unlimited subscription that'll let you browse more than a million book titles, browse current magazine issues, listen to thousands of audio books at any time on any device with the Kindle app.

    books on a phone and two different sized kindles

    30. EarFleek to keep you looking super stylish from the chin up on all your video calls. Those fun earrings will be the perfect distraction from that stained sweatshirt with a stretched-out collar.

    pop art inspired white star earrings

    31. Beyond+ that'll one-up those stacks of BB&B coupons you have squirreled away. It unlocks 20% off your entire purchase *all* the time, free shipping, and 50% off interior design services. Hey, 20% off your cleaning arsenal will add up to some savings pretty quickly!

    bathroom medicine cabinet shelves organized with acrylic storage containers

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