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    25 Subscription Boxes For Anyone Who's Hard To Shop For

    Let someone else do the shopping for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Mouth has sooooo many options befitting nitpicky foodies and the Best of Mouth box can keep them satiated while giving you lots of flexibility (plus a lack of responsibility).

    What they'll get: Four to five of the ~coolest~ products the great folks behind Mouth have recently discovered. For example, a box could include a cocktail mixer, mouthwatering candy, big *dill* pickles, flavored popcorn, and goes-with-everything hot sauce.

    Get a monthly subscription from Mouth for $54+.

    Also check out their subscription boxes for whiskey, gin, vodka, bourbon, snacks, pickles, and Indie America.

    2. Cairn will give the person who values outdoor experiences over possessions some actual possessions they'll share on social media within the context of mountain ranges and waking-up-in-a-tent pics.

    What they'll get: A box of three to six outdoors-y products based on their personal profile. And while you're at it, check out their holiday products!

    Get a monthly subscription from Cairn for $29.95.

    3. Switch might help them realize their designer jewelry collection without you having to sign up for a new credit card to make it happen.

    What they'll get: They'll get access to a selection of curated designer jewelry to rent for as long as they'd like. Each item has an average retail value of $500 and if they choose to purchase, it'll be at a member discount rate. AND, shipping is free both ways!

    Get a monthly subscription from Switch for $29+.

    4. Call Number to help book worms bypass a lengthy library hold list to get the best of contemporary black lit in their hands faster.

    What they'll get: This is curated by a librarian and includes the option of just a fiction or nonfiction book, *or* a book and four to five related items. Either way, their growing personal library is going to be ~lit~. (Sorry.)

    Get a monthly subscription from Cratejoy for $20+.

    5. Birchbox men's or women's boxes could make them discover their holy grail beauty or grooming products.

    What they'll get: A 'grammable monthly box packed with five samples ranging from hair to skin to makeup products. They can set preferences in their beauty profile and then buy full-size versions of stuff they fall in love with in the shop.

    Get a monthly men's or women's subscription from Birchbox for $10.

    6. ArmourBox just may be the best thing that ever happened to your picky AF sporty loved one.

    What they'll get: They'll answer a questionnaire about sizing and activity preferences, then an ~Official Outfitter~ will choose four to six pieces of UnderArmour gear. They have a week to try it on for free, then keep and pay for what they dig. And they'll get a 20% discount if they fall in love with it all!

    Get a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly membership from UnderArmour here. Prices vary.

    7. Barbox will make you a very good pupper's favorite — even if they have all kinds of food allergies. JK. You're already their favorite!

    What they'll get: A themed assortment of two innovative toys, two bags of treats (that are safe for allergy-sensitive pups!), and a chew.

    Check out a BuzzFeeders ~full~ review here.

    Get a monthly subscription from Barkbox for $20+.

    8. KitNipBox can satisfy particular kitties with a selection of fun toys, snacks, AND a cardboard box you know they're gonna have a good time curling up in.

    What they'll get: A curated selection of high-quality cat toys, delish treats, and other healthy cat products the purrfect pet and their human will both adore!

    Get a monthly subscription from KitNipBox for $19.99+.

    9. Piquant Post to add some real zest to their cooking with small-batch spice blends and delish recipes.

    What they'll get: Four packages of fresh-blended, perfectly portioned spices paired with chef-developed recipes. A subscription also includes online access to recipes, ingredient substitutes, and alternative uses. So they'll never run out of ideas to use their spicy deliveries!

    Get a monthly subscription from Piquant Post for $9.99+.

    10. Loot Crate will fulfill all kinds of geeky desires, whether they involve Harry Potter, the Marvel universe, cool T-shirts, or other wonderful possibilities.

    What they'll get: The original crate includes a variety of items from the best pop culture franchises, including stuff like a comic book, wearable, T-shirt, home item, vinyl figure, and utility.

    Get a monthly or bi-monthly subscription from Loot Crate for $8.99+.

    11. Sephora Play for the beauty fiend who you typically give a Sephora gift card to each year. This'll give 'em something to play around with *before* walking into the ninth circle of temptation they call that store.

    What they'll get: Each box of goodies includes five deluxe beauty samples and a bonus, collectible makeup bag, and access to exclusive how-tos and tutorials. PLUS, they'll get a Play pass worth 50 bonus Beauty Insider points when they make a full-size purchase.

    Get a monthly subscription from Sephora for $10.

    12. The Homestead Box can help them get a few steps closer to going off the grid, or at least let them *feel* like they're living somewhat like the folks on Alaska: The Last Frontier.

    That show is GOOD. Don't @ me.

    What they'll get: The products are sourced from local craftsmen and experts with unique skills. Each box is filled with practical, usable, and quality products that will help them be self-sufficient. Possibilities include items to complete gardening, building, DIY projects, and much more!

    Get a monthly subscription from Cratejoy for $24.99+.

    13. The Zoe Report Box of Style as a quarterly treat for the pickiest of fashionistas — curated by glam celeb stylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe.

    What they'll get: A quarterly box packed with six fashion and beauty items valued at $400+ for significantly less. For example, the Winter 2017 box includes a Zoe-designed clutch, *exclusive* House of Harlow earrings (shown), a faux-fur stole (also shown), a Tarte liquid eyeliner, an Osea essential hydrating oil, and Sugar Paper agenda.

    Get a quarterly subscription from Box of Style for $99.99+.

    14. Unbound will provide a crush-worthy collection of sex toys and accessories (to their liking) in case the only thing you have in common is sex — which is actually pretty great.

    What they'll get: A roundup of covetable sex toys along with products to help you better enjoy them! For example, this quarter's box includes a bean clitoral vibe, gem dual g-spot duo, plume feather teaser, booshies wipes, clitoral jolt gel samples, O.M.G.-spot stim serum samples, and jelly lube samples. If you're really digging the ~vibes~, you can shop individual items like kinky jewelry, cock rings, and condoms.

    Get an intro or quarterly subscription from Unbound for $18+.

    15. Sock Panda to give them a fresh pair of socks that'll def be worthy of their Insta feed.

    What they'll get: A new pair of snazzy socks each month (they can choose between prints and patterns or wild and crazy for men and women) to liven up their ankles.

    Get a monthly subscription from Sock Panda for $12+ (available in men, women, tweens, and kids).

    16. Uncut Book Box for the YA book worm who can't get enough of new, gripping releases.

    What they'll get: A ~brand-new~ hardcover YA book that the online book community is abuzz about, along with three to five book-related items.

    Get a monthly subscription from Cratejoy for $28+.

    17. Foodstirs for baking kits parents and kids can whip up together!

    What they'll get: Each kit includes organic dry mixes, chemical-free edible decorations, decorating supplies, and step-by-step instructions. So they'll just need the wet stuff, like water and eggs. Maybe if you're lucky, they'll even share their yummy creations with you!

    Get a monthly subscription from Foodstirs for $18.99+.

    18. Facetory to serve as a total treat for the K-beauty obsessive who's always snapping a cool new find every time you check your notifications.

    What they'll get: A collection of at least four sheet face masks so they can be totally lazy about sticking to a pampering skin routine.

    Get a monthly subscription from Facetory for $8.90+.

    19. Enchantment Box for adding even more magic to that special unicorn's (whose personal tastes are still completely mysterious to you) life.

    What they'll get: Each box is carefully curated to empower their free spirit and create their own fairytale. Possible items include treasures to pamper them like lip gloss, bubble bath, paper goods, crystals, candles, vegan chocolates, jewelry, and so much more!

    Get a monthly subscription from Enchantment Box for $49.95.

    20. Trunk Club for freshening their wardrobe *and* helping them earn Nordstrom rewards while doing it!

    What they'll get: They can create a style profile, chat with a stylist, review the "trunk" with stylist-selected items, and return anything that isn't *just right*. And they can order another trunk whenever you damn please, no need to worry about a monthly or quarterly delivery if they're feeling meh about it.

    Sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or one-time subscription here.

    21. Bitsbox to treat the kid who knows how to fix every single computer problem you have to some fun coding-related activities that'll help stoke their taste for empire-building skills.

    What they'll get: A delivery of fun app-building activities that will make for high-quality, creative screen time for kids!

    Get a monthly subscription from Cratejoy for $19.95+.

    22. Scentbird — it might help someone who still hasn't *quite* found a signature scent a designer fragrance they'll deign to wear.

    What they'll get: A month's supply (aka, 0.27 oz.) of one of 450 designer fragrances, so they can finally give that one they've been eyeing in Sephora a longer test run than an post-Sephora trip afternoon.

    Get a monthly subscription from Scentbird for $14.95.

    23. Deck of Scarlet for a bi-monthly palette of cruelty-free makeup inspired by YouTube beauty bloggers with staggering followings.

    What they'll get: Each palette is made as a collab with a popular YouTuber, so you'll get plenty of ideas about how to use the gorgeous *cruelty-free* beauty finds. For example, the current palette includes three eye shadows, one highlighter, one blush, two lip colors, one lip liner, and one eyeliner.

    Get a bi-monthly subscription from Deck of Scarlet for $29.95.

    24. Redbird Vintage Box to do the hard work for the thrift store-obsessed fashionista.

    What they'll get: A curated collection of clothing and/or accessories that someone else put all the labor into finding. Plus, they're helping out the planet by expanding their wardrobe with gently used stuff instead of searching out fast-fashion items!

    Get a monthly subscription from Cratejoy for $30+ (available in three styles).

    25. FabFitFun for delivering an assortment of all kinds of cute stuff. Most anyone'll find something to get obsessed with.

    What they'll get: Each box has $200 worth of ~full-sized~ products that they can either have customized to their tastes or totally randomized!

    Get a quarterly subscription from FabFitFun for $49.99.

    Do your holiday shopping with BuzzFeed. Check out all of our gift guides here!

    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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