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    31 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    Deathly strong coffee, a toilet night light, a corgi butt mousepad, and 28 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Death Wish Coffee – they claim it's the strongest in the world, so if you often say "Death before decaf" this could be your super concentrated jam.


    Promising review: "As a grad student, I don't get much time to sleep and tend to have that zombie apocalypse look day in and day out. The 5+ cups of regular coffee just isn't doing it anymore. So, I decided to try out Death Wish to see if it could give me a little extra boost. It did the job! Best of all, it's not bitter! It immediately lifts the fog in the mornings and gives me that extra push I need in the afternoons. Not to mention that the bag is pretty neat and I couldn't help but think I was opening a coffin when the box came in with the coffee inside it! Good stuff, but probably not for those that are sensitive to caffeine.😬💀☕️" —Meli

    Price: $19.99

    2. A shower liner with mesh pockets I will never shut up about because I own it and love it so much that I just want you good people to experience its sturdy convenience too!

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    Yep, I own and love this! And you can read my ode to it in our full review for the Maytex Mesh Pockets Shower Curtain (#2).

    Promising review: "I LOVE this shower curtain. I have been buying this curtain for the past 6 years. If you have a shower that doesn’t have s lot of ledge room for all your 'stuff,' this shower curtain will be your best friend. You can fit so many things inside the pockets! I honestly only use like 4–5 of the pockets. You can also use this as a liner and have another more decorative shower curtain on the outside but I personally use it as a shower curtain. I usually change it every 6 months because it does start getting a little soap scummy on the bottom. The best shower curtain/liner money can buy!" —DAtkins

    Price: $11.84

    3. A vegan dry shampoo powder you can swap for that aerosol you go through scarily fast.


    Promising review: "I LOVE this dry shampoo!!! I teach yoga and core fusion (sweaty awesome workouts) full time, and this helps me go 2 or 3 days without having to wash my hair. I have really long dark brown hair, and this blends perfectly into my scalp, absorbing excess oil AND... best of all... gives me a ton of volume!!! End of Day 2, after teaching 6–8 sweaty classes, I can put this in and my hair looks fabulous! Highly recommend, especially if you're looking for an environmentally and animal friendly product, all-natural, and AMAZING! I'll be a user for life :-)" —Stephanie M. Johnson

    Price: $12.90

    4. Fleece memory foam slippers to make hanging out around the house feel like you're walking on clouds. AND they're totally fine to wear to the mailbox!,

    Promising review: "I used to buy slippers (that I wear for cooler weather) either from Lands End or L.L. Bean. This time I thought I'd shop here at Amazon and found this pair. These are very comfortable, cushiony, and have enough room that I can wear socks and will not feel too tight in the toe box area. I like these slippers without backs so I can slip in and out easily. If it got really cold, then I wear my Bearpaws booties that I also bought from Amazon. These can also be worn for both indoor and outdoor but I don't think I will wear this outside." —MysticalRose

    Price: $17.99+ (available in four women's sizes and five colors)

    5. Magnetic measuring spoons with skinny heads built for dipping into containers and easily stacking in drawers for storage!


    Oh, and they're dishwasher-safe!

    Promising review: "I really like these measuring spoons! The double-headed spoons make it easy to use each spoon multiple times and the different shaped heads allow these spoons to scoop from lots of different types of container openings. The magnets are not as strong as I expected, but they do the job to keep these nice and organized in a drawer. Just don't expect to be able to grab one spoon and have the rest come with it effortlessly, the weight of the other spoons won't allow that. But that also speaks to the quality of the spoons. They are made of durable, heavy, metal that I'm sure will last. I'm very happy with this purchase." —liane

    Price: $13.97

    6. Ear bud attachments you'll swear by if your Apple EarPods or AirPods never seem to fit just right.

    Promising review: "These are perfect. I’ve got tiny ears so Apple headphones have never fit or stayed in my ears. They have easy instructions to follow for installation. They don’t hurt my baby ears either. I’ve used the smaller size but I think most people will need to used the other pair. I’ve put them in my ears and have been pulling in the earphone cords and they don’t fall out! Honestly, very very good! I’ll probably use these for the rest of my life!" —Blake

    Price: $9.99 (available in three colors)

    7. Emotional First Aid, a book written by a practicing psychologist on mental first aid for dealing with some of life's more difficult situations.


    Promising review: "I have had this book sitting beside my bed for the past 18 months and every time I have turned to it for help, it has never let me down. The advice works for me every time. I don’t manage to do everything suggested, perhaps even only one or two things. However, the relief from my suffering is real. We are not talking relief from serious psychological difficulties, but everyday minor upsets that can prove generally upsetting." —Chelly

    Price: $12.99+

    8. Loreal Magic Perfecting Base – it's here to prime your visage and address all the spots you want to smooth over for using less foundation and a flawless finish!, Amazon

    Promising review: "Lovvve this primer! I've tried higher-end primers that turn out oily, flakey, drying, and ghostly! Only to come back to my L'Oreal! It's goes on smoothly, a little goes a long way! I'm 60 in these photos with a few blemishes like large pores! I put this ALL over my face in small amounts using circular motions with a flat-top Kabuki type brush, after a light moisturizer has absorbed. Then I come back with a little more over those troubled areas! My foundation is next, which goes on a lot smoother and I'm able to use less! I've been told by many that I don't look my age and I appreciate it! But just want to look the best I can at this stage of my life and this surely helps!!" —Ronni

    Price: $10.97

    9. A toilet night light because, sure, going to the bathroom in the middle of the night is a disruption, but switching on the overhead light can make it even MORE of one.


    It has a motion and light detector sensor, and 16 colors!

    Promising review: "I bought this as sort of a gag gift for my son, but it's actually become so useful that I ended up purchasing two more for our other bathrooms. It's adjustable, so easy to shape around various size toilets, and it stays secure. It comes set to cycle through multiple colors every several seconds, or you can choose to have it remain on one color. I chose to keep the aqua color — maybe it's me, but there's something disconcerting about seeing a toilet full of red water, wish they had skipped that color. It's come on very reliably when someone enters the bathroom, and the color is soothing and the brightness is controllable so I keep it fairly dim as to not be too stimulating. The only thing I wish I could change is to make the amount of time the light remains on adjustable. It stays lit for a couple of minutes after it stops sensing movement. Sometimes the light from the bathroom keeps me from dozing back off since I keep checking for it to turn off. Great little product." —Ella Marks

    Price: $14.95

    10. A colorblock top you can snag in a variety of colors (and in both long and short sleeves!) as a comfy option when you feel like you have nothing to wear.


    Promising review: "I'm long in the torso, and arms tbh. Not too short in the sleeves, which is a problem with like 99% of my long sleeved shirts. Or they just fall apart...getting real tired of that. I'm 5'7", mostly torso, B40 W34 H44, ordered XL, fits like a dream. Thick, truly a perfect fall shirt. Looks adorable with leggings and jeans. Color was exactly as pictured. I'm ordering other shirts from this brand/line in other styles." —Hailey

    Price: $15.99+ (available in sizes S–XL and 10 styles)

    11. Ziploc space bags as a solution for all the things that bring you joy but still seem to overflow from your closet and dresser drawers.


    Promising review: "Amazing space reducer, jacket protector. A must have to protect your clothes during the off season, and save some closet space while you're at it. My vacuum doesn't fit with the Ziploc valve size (Dyson stick), but I can shrink down just rolling the garment bag and primary thing for me is to have my fave coats in a sealed bag." —cat

    Price: $19.99 (includes two M, two L, one XL, and one suitcase bag)

    12. Powerful dish detergent capsules ready to tackle that casserole dish's stuck-on mess you regret not rinsing post-dinner.


    Promising review: "I've used all of the other 'budget' brands. I'll never use them again. EVERYTHING in the dishwasher is sparkling clean. Hint: I run the hot water at the sink before I start the washer — so the washer uses the hottest water available." —Wright

    Price: $13.86 for 78 capsules

    13. Date-night conversation starters with the option to talk, flirt, or, if you're feeling nasty, dare.


    Promising review: "A friend brought this as a wedding gift, and so am I. Usually my night is dinner at home after work, watch TV or read some books, put the kids in bed, and have a little chitchat with my husband after a shower. One night we tried to play this game and really enjoyed it. It will really spice up your intimate moments whether you like it or or not." —Regina Harcuka

    Price: $23.50

    14. An unassuming cable management box with the prowess to bring some order to that tangled mess of cords your cats think is the best toy in the house.

    Promising review: "As someone who buys a LOT from Amazon, this is literally one of the BEST products I've ever found/purchased. I hate clutter, but I have a ton of stuff, and organization is a must for me. I have seen a million tricks for hiding cords and cables before, but none of it was really that appealing. This thing is amazing. Just amazing. It holds my power cord, all my cables, it's so spacious and neat looking, and a million times better than having a heap of cords laying on the floor next to my bed." —Dayna Russo

    Price: $25.99+ (available in four color combos)

    15. A squishy (but supportive!) mousepad your corgi-obsessed friend will proudly show off at work.


    Promising review: "I ADORE this mouse pad!!! I work as a software developer and was starting to experience the beginnings of carpal tunnel. This has totally stopped the numbness in my hand! And as a mom of two bouncing corgi boys, this was a must have!" —LP

    Price: $11.99+ (available in two colors)

    16. A Family Feud card game to have on hand as a family-friendly option next Thanksgiving. (No one'll forget the Cards Against Humanity incident of 2017.)


    Promising review: "Very fun game for everyone! My daughter had a sleepover and this is what all of the girls wanted to do all night! It has questions just like the TV gameshow! The rules on the box are set up so that two people can play each other, with each person going back and forth when an answer is wrong until all answers are given, instead of waiting for three strikes. We switched the rules up to be more like the TV show because we had a lot of people. It was a lot of fun!" —Erica

    Price: $7.38+ (available in basic or deluxe packs)

    17. A lavender room spray you can also spritz on your bedding for a ~soothing~ scent to help lull you to sleep.


    Promising review: "I have tried several lavender linen and room sprays. This one is perfect. Perfect amount of scent. It smells like lavender, not something that is mixed with something else or diluted. I use it especially in the bedroom and on our pillows. I love it so much that I sent one to my niece and she has problems falling asleep; she fell right asleep after she used this product. As a matter of fact, I am going to order some more. Not yet though, the bottle lasts a long time." —Ron Will

    Price: $12.99 (available in four more scents)

    18. A banana nut bread candle with a funny name and a pleasing scent you'll be NUTS about. (Sorry.)


    Promising review: "Omg!!!!! I saw this on someone’s Instagram post and they said it was the best smelling candle ever. Oh mmmmmm ggggggg this is heaven. I want more and more. I can’t review on how long it lasts since I just started burning it. But my whole house smells like YUMMMMMY!!! I am always a sucker for a good smelling candle. I love that it’s called Smell My Nuts. That’s a great conversation starter. And it’s so cute in a mason jar. And 12 bucks is a steal. This candle is a must. I wonder what the other ones smell like?" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $11.99

    19. A down-alternative comforter to leave on your bed throughout the year and avoid the dreaded seasonal bedding switch because it'll keep you warm but not *too* warm.


    Promising review: "This comforter is amazing! I was getting too warm with my down comforter but still wanted something soft, and this was the answer. It's very light, yet still provides enough warmth that I'm only using this with a flat sheet. It fit perfectly in my duvet cover and comes with loops on each corner and midway between the corners." —Joiseygirl

    Price: $34.99+ (available in eight sizes and six colors)

    20. A baby venus fly trap in a pretty container you can add to your flourishing plant collection and then repot it later once you've nurtured it awhile.


    Promising review: "I was pretty sure I'd love this, but had no idea how much! I'm the 'mom' to three full-sized Venus fly traps, and it's so fascinating to see this baby in its beginning growth medium. Sort of like marveling at the tiny fingernails on a newborn infant, I'm captivated by the tiny but perfectly formed traps. Looking forward to watching it grow! Here is a photo of what the baby looked like after spending six months in the bottle and then being transplanted into a pot. It's turning into a lovely adult plant, as you can see." —Siri Jeffrey

    Price: $10.89

    21. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser for leaving your normal to dry skin cleansed without feeling stripped.

    Promising review: "This has the same milky, non-foaming texture as Cetaphil and Cerave cleansers, but it's visibly better and faster at dissolving makeup and dirt. It takes literally just a few rubs to break down makeup, versus the longer emulsifying time of Cetaphil and Cerave, both of which don't take off mascara very well. But Toleriane does the job! Face is left sparkling clean with no residue, but not tight or dry. Innocuous and simple ingredient listing, reasonably-priced. If you like Cerave/Cetaphil, or 'one-step' moisturizing cleansers like Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser, this is up your alley." —nycgirl

    Price: $14.99

    22. Budget-friendly workout leggings worth stocking up on in enough colors to get you through more than two weeks of workouts. And yes, they hold up to crossfit!,

    Promising review: "Was a little nervous about them being see through or not fitting perfect, you know, because you can't try on something you order online. BUT I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived and fit PERFECTLY. I'm 5'6" 160 lbs., very athletic. When I squat they stay put, I don't have to pull them up constantly AND THEYRE NOT SEE THROUGH!! thank goodness!! Right?! Anyway, in my humble opinion these are a great investment and well worth the purchase. I will be ordering more soon!!(:

    UPDATE!! Since my first purchase I have bought the wine red, blue, army green, hot pink, and teal leggings. I wash them and let them air dry but I have a few times used the dryer and they're fine. They don't get those annoying ugly fabric balls in the inner thigh area. The material holds up great in the gym doing squats, dead lifts, stretching, and running. For the price point I am still amazed and impressed at the quality." —Jillian Lehr

    Price: $9.99+ (available in sizes XS–2XL and 19 colors)

    23. Spice drawer liners you can cut for a custom fit. You're going to be *so* organized.


    Promising review: "I really needed a way to get more space on my kitchen counter, and wanted to hide away the spices. This was a perfect solution. It keeps everything in place and fit the drawer just right. I actually placed it horizontally to fit more items." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $14.99+ (available in a six pack or a 10-foot roll)

    24. A pair of smol but helpful tie racks that'll keep every last version of your fave accessory up off the floor and back into your outfit rotation.


    FYI, each holds up to 20 ties!

    Promising review: "Tired of neckties falling off a hanger? Here is the answer. This is a GREAT design — really the smart way to store ties in a crowded urban closet. It sort of 'flips up' as I thought it would; I suppose you could use a second hanger in the hole at the end if you had horizontal space to burn (I don't). But they don't seem to daisy chain together. As I suspected, the gap between each bar and its clip is just about a mm too wide for my thinnest bowties, but it works great for neckties. Even the bow ties have a thicker part that fits snugly" —Frederick Schmidt

    Price: $8.99

    25. A magnetic key holder perfect for anyone who's been told their head is always up in the clouds like it's an insult or something.

    Promising review: "One of the most useful purchases I've ever made on Amazon. I use it every single day to hang my keys. I've had it for at least half a year now it seems. Hasn't lost any magnetism and it holds my car keys, remote start, USB, rewards/gift cards, house and work keys, etc. In love. One of the best purchases I've made." —Makenah

    Price: $7.98

    26. NYX Butter Gloss to provide some surprisingly high-impact color in a formula that won't dry out your lips.


    Promising review: "So silky!!!! I’m very particular about moisturizing my lips. I often apply a moisturizing balm before applying any gloss or lipstick but I don’t need it with this one! Very buttery texture, hence the name, and perfect nude color! I’ll be buying more colors for sure!" —kitten21

    Price: $2.98+ (available in 15 colors)

    27. Socket sealers you simply place underneath your outlet cover or switch plate to prevent drafts and keep your home energy-efficient.


    Oh, and they're flame-retardant!

    Promising review: "Something you don't think of is the drafts that can come out of your electrical sockets on the outside walls due to the cold air on the other side. I have been going around pulling plates off and installing the 'socket sealers' — you can actually feel drafts on some that I had foamed in the past — this should draft-proof all the outlets and make the house keep in the heat more efficiently." —Biker Art

    Price: $6.47 (includes 16 outlet sealers and 6 switch plate sealers)

    28. Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara – it's cruelty-free and will give you a ~magical~ looking after effect., Amazon

    Promising review: "My lashes are so fair and thin that it's hard for me to find mascara that will give me such great volume. This mascara is so good! It was easy and was a flawless result for an affordable price. 100% would recommend" —Emily Creek

    Price: $4.99

    29. Becoming, which I *just* finished, and will serve up all kinds of inspo and takeaways from moments in her life thus far that you can apply to your own life.


    Promising review: "A window into her life so far, Michelle Obama gives us endearing, insightful, honest memories. From growing up in a working class household in Chicago, to leaving the White House residence, her story is unique and thought-provoking. If you admire and respect the Obamas, you will like this book." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $14.99+

    30. Eco-friendly towels to clean most anything with JUST water. So sorcery, I guess.,

    Promising review: "Normally I would be embarrassed to post the before pic but I am so amazed at these towels I don't care. Tried them on my pedestal sink that had soap scum and toothpaste build up and I had to scrub a few times but the sink came out clean! First photo is before Nanotowel and the second is after." —Cynthia M. Floyd

    Price: $24.49+ for four (available in green or gray)

    31. A discreet, compact toilet brush that'll kinda disguise a bathroom cleaning essential in plain sight.


    Promising review: "I needed a new brush and really checked out the choices. Glad I went with the OXO! The ease of taking it out of the holder and the fact that it has a drip tray won me over. And I was pleasantly surprised it fit under my sink in the standing position! I don't like seeing a toilet brush sitting out on the floor of my bathroom....hide those things away! Try it!" —Linda Wood

    Price: $15.95+ (available in five colors)

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