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    7 Life-Changing Things Your Closet Needs ASAP

    Tried, tested, and worn by BuzzFeed editors!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Vegan mules you can ~slide~ into your everyday shoe rotation.

    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed, Emma McAnaw / BuzzFeed

    I had been on the hunt for comfortable, inexpensive, I-can-wear-them-everyday mules for a couple of weeks with no real success — until I raided my friend's closet and saw these white shoes shining from the corner. I slipped them on my feet, fell in love, and ordered my own pair within 10 minutes.

    The block heel is low enough to wear on the daily, but still enough to give me a bit of height. And honestly? They are SO COMFORTABLE. They did have a "breaking in" period for the first two wears — I put Band-aids on my big toes to prevent any unnecessary suffering — but now I can wear them for, like, 36 hours straight and be completely unbothered. Also, the quality is great. Even though "white shoes" basically translate to "they’re going to get dirty," only one of the shoes has a tiny scuff mark (and that’s because of the way I sit). I love these so much that I’ll probably end up buying a pair in black, too. —AnaMaria Glavan

    Get them from Amazon for $29 (available in sizes 5.5-11, five colors).

    2. A Murder, She Ra T-shirt made for J.B. Fletcher fans.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    To say I am a Murder, She Wrote fanatic would be one of the great understatements of the 21st century. My love for J.B. Fletcher is realer than the consequences of global warming, my admiration for Jessica is higher than birds soar, and my absolute desire to move to a fictional town in Maine is as haunting as an abandoned child in an old Victorian mansion. I love that show, I consider Jessica part of my family — I am one of her 550 nieces, (if you watched the show you’d know what I’m talking about). It is, in my honest opinion, the greatest work of mystery sleuthing television ever created. I never got the opportunity to watch it in real time, but I have savagely binge-watched it over and over and over again in the last few years, solving the murders right along with Ms. Fletcher. It’s legit an amazing show, and if you’ve seen it then you know it is, (and that it included cameos by some very famous peeps — like George Clooney, Courtney Cox, and Jerry Orbach). So when this adorable Murder, She Ra shirt was brought to my attention, I had to have it! I just had to! I mean, it has Angela Lansbury dressed up like She-Ra!!!

    It comes in blue or purple, and a few different cuts to suit whatever your style is. I got the medium in the purple men’s cut, for a loser fit. And I love it! It’s comfy, easy to wear, and basically the coolest T-shirt ever. You’re welcome for telling you about it. Also, Ms. Lansbury, if you’re reading this, I love you! —Elena Garcia

    Get it from TeeFury for $22 (available in four fit tips, sizes S-3XL, and two colors).

    3. A high-performance sports bra to help you focus on those burpees instead of your boobs.

    Erika Trombley / BuzzFeed

    I have big boobs. They make working out a nightmare. When I do high knees, I feel like I have two watermelons attached to my chest with rubber bands that are about to break. The only sports bra I’ve ever found that actually controls my boobs during workouts is the Ta Ta Tamer sports bra from Lululemon. I only own two pairs because they are expensive ($58 each), but I wear them so often, I went to a Lululemon store a few months ago to get another one. IMAGINE MY SHOCK AND HORROR WHEN THE SALES ASSOCIATE TOLD ME THEY WEREN’T SELLING TA TA TAMERS IN-STORE ANYMORE. Instead, they were replacing it with the new Enlite Sports Bra. It costs $98. Yep, you read that right. So when Lululemon sent me a sample to try, I lined up the hardest, bounciest workout I could find and put this bra to the test.

    Guys, I am in love with this bra, and it’s worth every dollar you spend on it, especially if you’re a D cup or higher. It is so soft and made me feel like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. My biggest problem with sports bras made for high impact is that they always dig into your shoulders or underneath your boobs. This bra caused absolutely no digging into my skin, and when I took it off, there were no bright red indentions like the kind I would usually get after wearing other sports bras. The fabric was also fast-drying, so I had much less boob sweat than I usually do at the end of my workouts.

    I usually wear a 38DD, but I went with a 36DD because I wanted to make sure everything was held in tight. The second I tried it on, I immediately did the "bounce test." My boobs barely bounced and stayed controlled and supported throughout my entire workout. "Is this what small-chested girls feel like," I pondered to myself as I did burpees without the fear of getting a black eye from my boobs. I wore this bra during HIIT workouts, on the elliptical, and during circuit training, and it provided great support throughout each workout. Spending $100 for one extremely high-quality sports bra is worth it when you think about how much money you’ve spent on shitty sports bras that lose their elasticity after one wear. Bottom line: My boobs have never felt better." —Ciera Velarde

    Get it from Lululemon for $98 (available in sizes 32B-38DD, five colors).

    Lululemon sent me this bra to try free of charge, but I wasn't obligated to positively review it.

    4. A pair of comfy jeans that *may* have converted a vocal pants hater.

    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    I hate pants, no, detest them. I worshipped at the altar of denim mini skirts in the early aughts and "discovered" dresses in college. Since then, I haven't looked back except for an occasional pair of black jeans. (Even I relent to leg prisons when it's 6 degrees Fahrenheit in NYC and I must be outdoors long enough to walk to the train.) One of my best friends didn't see me in pants until four months into our friendship. So I'm not kidding around with this sentiment.

    A few months back when the direct-to-consumer (think Everlane) denim line Warp + Weft launched, they gave me a pair of their JFK in the Venice wash to try. I thought I'd wear them a few times and then they'd collect dust in the far reaches of my closet like my other jeans. I was wrong! The material has give without stretching out and has proven itself in a variety of settings, like my desk (where I sit in all kinds of weird contortions), economy airplane seats (on several trips), and a rodeo on vacation (for real). And they're incredibly flattering! I've received lots of compliments on them and not just the "Omg you're wearing pants!" variety, either. I've been stalking their CDG in Eiffel to add to my wardrobe before winter officially hits. The price tag of $98 may make some balk — especially if you're used to buying Old Navy jeans when they go on sale for $19 like me — but there's a vast difference in quality. I've even been wearing shirts that I forgot I had (like this Urban Outfitters gem from ages ago). Consider me a convert, though I won't be burning my dresses in a symbolic bonfire, either. Btw, they're available at Bloomie's, as well."—Elizabeth Lilly

    Get them from Warp + Weft for $98 (available in sizes 0-14 and plus 14-24).

    Warp + Weft sent me these jeans to try free of charge, but I wasn't obligated to positively review them.

    5. A trendy bandolier for carrying the essentials without the burden of an actual purse.

    My job requires me to essentially be a Jill-of-all-trades who's always on the move. Even for small meetings, I always brought my full work bag because someone might need my corporate card, I might need my cell phone, or I might need to run a spontaneous errand, and there certainly wasn’t space for my keys, wallet, and phone in my pockets. But now, I can literally leave anywhere with my keys and Bandolier. THAT’S IT! No purse with 5000 gazillion things in it, and no shoving things into my pockets where they’ll fall out.

    My Bandolier has just enough space in the back pocket for my ID, and both my personal and business AMEX cards. It was a little tricky getting them out at first, because it was a pretty tight fit, but after a couple of weeks it’s much easier. They’re tucked deep and snug enough away that a pickpocket definitely couldn’t get at them without me knowing, and I know I can’t lose or drop my phone/cards because they’re literally attached to my body with the strap. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve saved by not having to scrounge for my wallet, phone, keys, etc., in my handbags. My shoulders have stopped hurting because I no longer need to carry a large purse all the time. My life is less cluttered because I don’t throw papers and receipts into my bag 'just in case I need them later.' I know it’s silly that a simple phone case with a strap would change my life so much, but IT HAS. I think my next one will have a cover flap because I tend to whack into things all the time, but so long as I keep my phone screen facing my leg, it’s unscathed so far.

    And if you’re asking why a Bandolier and not a knockoff, I wanted to support a local WOC-founded/owned company that makes things where I live (Los Angeles). They’ve got a ton of customization options if my style isn’t your thing or you need something more traditionally professional looking. I’ve had women stop me in the streets asking me about it, and I cannot recommend the Bandolier enough!! —Claire de Louraille

    Get it from Bandolier for $98.

    6. Super-stretchy, soft Miss Piggy leggings your Facebook friends can probably sell you.

    Rachel Christensen / BuzzFeed

    If you don't know about LuLaRoe, my coworker wrote a pretty great explainer here — so I'm just going to jump in and pretend you've heard of it and their ~buttery soft~ fabrics because HI! I'm obsessed with their Disney collection...specifically, their Muppets prints.

    The best way to find them (and all of the other Disney dresses, skirts, T-shirts, and leggings they have, it's a lot though luckily for my wallet I haven't seen any Star Wars stuff yet) is probably to join a bunch of different LuLaRoe Facebook groups and browse them or just Google/Pinterest 'LuLaRoe' with whatever your favorite Disney character/franchise.

    I made the gruelingly difficult decision to only buy *one* Muppets thing and went with these Miss Piggy leggings. Even though I am 34 weeks pregnant, most of my body is still somewhere around a size 8 and I can still squeeze into the OS (one size) because they are that stretchy. And so soft.

    They cost $30 which is at least $15 more than I would ever spend on leggings that didn't have Miss Piggy's face on them, but here we are. And to anyone who has anything mean to say about my new obsession, allow me to quote my favorite pig/fashion icon: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." —Rachel Christensen

    7. An Internet-famous hoodie made of 100% cotton, unlike other brands which are often 50% polyester or some other filler! Wake up, sheeple!

    Kevin Smith / BuzzFeed,

    I've had the American Giant classic full zip sweatshirt in black for more than a year. Last year the company sent me one with no obligation to write about it; they just wanted me to "see for myself." I fell in love with it.

    Even before I received it, I was intrigued by the brand because about five years ago Slate crowned it the, "greatest hoodie ever made." I always thought about getting one because of that Slate article, but was slightly detracted and highly skeptical of the $89 price point. Let me tell you how wrong I was. Today the title of "greatest hoodie ever made" (for a pretty decent price) is still with American Giant.

    I got another one this year in heather gray and still think this piece of clothing is actually quite amazing. The quality is second to none, it's comfy as hell, and will probably last forever. As a cozy boy, this piece was a huge staple in my wardrobe throughout the fall, winter, and spring. I was super impressed by the construction. The zipper is metal and has never snagged. The string ends are also metal, which not only looks good, but means that I'll never have to deal with chewing or ripping off the plastic ends like with other (cheaper) hoodies. Not to mention, it fits perfectly. Another thing I like about the hoodie and the company that makes it, is that everything from the cotton to the construction is done in the U.S.A.

    I know that spending almost $100 on a hoodie to some people can seem crazy, but with this one, I promise it's worth it. This could be a splurge item or an extra special Christmas gift, but one thing's for sure, if you like to be cozy and comfortable, you'll definitely want to try this. —Kevin Smith

    Get it from American Giant for $89 (available in sizes S-XXL, seven colors).