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    26 Ways To Act Like You're Actually An Organized Person

    Those who can't, read stories like this over and over again. (But that's OK.)

    1. Fashion your own customized hooks and holders for everything you own with this moldable glue.

    2. Keep spare buttons that come with new garments on a safety pin.

    3. Stash sewing pins, bobbins, and the like in this magnetic bowl so you won't (painfully) find them with the bottom of your feet.

    4. Designate a place to hang your keys so you won't sacrifice precious time hunting for them.

    5. And invest in some key rings that pack some major personality, so you'll know whose is whose.

    6. Make good on your perennial resolution of recycling more with these stackable recycling bins.

    7. Never be without your sunglasses or fave hand lotion by keeping everything you need in this handbag organizer that makes switching bags a cinch.

    8. Plan your outfits ahead -- and save a lil' closet space -- by doubling up your hangers with a soda tab.

    9. Carry around this headphone organizer that's so handsome you'll always remember to use it.

    10. Abolish all the dirty excuses for washing dishes with this sink-corner organizer that holds all the essentials above the mountain of caked-on food.

    11. Free up some space for luggage, shopping bags, and other essentials -- without forgoing important stuff like jumper cables -- with a foldable trunk organizer.

    12. Better use cabinet space with a cabinet organizer set to feel like you have twice the space.

    13. And if you need a little more help, this over-the-door rack is perf for cookie sheets and cutting boards.

    14. Give your bed a lift with bed risers -- then make good use of all the extra space underneath for storing out-of-season clothes and more.

    15. Move your to-do list as needed by writing it on tabbed sticky notes.

    16. Prevent a tangled mess of the remote lost in the bed sheets by stashing it -- and other bedtime essentials -- in this little storage caddy.

    17. Rig up a pretty peg-board storage center as some motivation to get, stay organized in your craft room or garage.

    18. Designate a car trash catchall so your floor won't look like a landfill.

    19. Answer the age-old question of "Where's my Kindle?" by setting up a tidy charging station.

    20. Invest in a hanger caddy and stick empty hangers on it ASAP so you won't have to deep dive into the depths your closet in pursuit of one.

    21. Quit blindly reaching into your spice cabinet like a horror movie villain by installing these spice-rack clips on the door.

    22. Avoid some scratches and bloodshed with a knife-organizing drawer insert that will also help protect your sharp investments.

    23. Corral shower stuff in this hanging caddy that's deep enough for your fancy shampoo bottles or bath toys.

    24. Free up countertop space with a clear makeup organizer that'll speed up the finding-the-perfect-liner part of your morning routine.

    25. Make a jewelry storage station so you can zero in on your desired baubles.

    26. And label EVERYTHING so no one in your household has the excuse of not knowing where something goes.

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