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24 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Organize Your Crafting Supplies

The better for crafting, my dear.

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1. Use a combination of open and closed storage so your craft room will be as pretty as the projects that come out of it.

2. File away coloring and drawing pencils, (as many as 72!), in this zip-able pouch.

3. Whip up a pocket hoop to hang your oft-used quilting tools near your work surface.

4. Maintain the sanctity of kraft paper and holiday goods in this wrapping-paper bag that'll store horizontally or vertically.

5. Get a better look at bristles and color choices by storing painting and drawing utensils upright in this brush stand.

6. Or, just use spare pretty containers to house all your utensils out in the open.

7. Gather loose, tiny things like spools of thread, beads, and buttons in this lightweight, mountable craft cabinet.

8. Shelve fabric like books so you can see what you're grabbing.

9. Put four rolls of washi tape in rotation on your workspace tabletop with this polar-bear tape dispenser.

10. Rig up a handy pegboard by framing it and hanging hooks fit for your favorite crafting tools. Throw in some plants there, too!

11. Or, use a pegboard to build a custom drawer organizer labeled for all your bits and tiny tools.

12. Spin to find the perfect scrapbooking edge with this scissor carousel.

13. Tidy up your sewing corner with a pair of thread bobbin organizers that'll hold 28 sewing machine bobbins each. Each!

14. Stash similar, oft-used supplies in clear jars so you can easily access them when you get the crafting itch.

15. Organize ribbon scraps by winding them up on wooden spools.

16. Corral all your small-scale storage containers onto a rolling cart with raised edges so you won't lose any precious storage jars or bowls.

17. Stash stuff that you're using in your current project in this handy tote so you'll have easy access if you need a change of crafting scenery.

18. Transform a Goodwill find into a multitasking shelf -- with ribbon storage! -- with a coat of paint and a dowel rod.

19. Prevent stains, wrinkles, folds, and untimely death for your scrapbooking papers with this sturdy storage bin.

20. Line a recess with easy plywood shelving to organize your bigger, prettier supplies.

21. File away small-scale stuff like stencils and markers in this colorful organizer that you can wheel around as you please.

22. Designate big bins for general categories of things that won't file away neatly into drawers.

23. Store all your project necessities in this fancy knitting-needle case.

24. And pack up all your crafting supplies in an all-in-one rolling bag to take to work, on vacation, wherever!

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