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21 Genius Ways To Use The Dead Space Under Your Bed

Give the dust bunnies an eviction slip.

1. These bed risers will boost your vertical storage space by 7 inches and give you an extra outlet to charge.

2. This pretty, metallic basket can hold everyday stuff for reaching peak relaxation like lounging slippers and a blanket.

3. This plastic serving tray will corral piles of cords when you're not using them.

4. This vintage-style first-aid kit will make it easy to track down supplies after you stub your toe.

Bandages and ointment not included.

Get it from Amazon for $24.

5. This bedside storage caddy can take on the weight of your lengthy reading list.

6. This design-nerd-pleasing colorful metal box will be a happy place to wrangle all your craft supplies.

7. This little monster bin will guard important stuff you have squirreled away beneath your bed.

8. This see-through zipper storage bin will keep off-season clothes in tip-top shape.

9. This photo storage carrier will protect your print-worthy snaps from damaging dust and moisture.

10. This sleek charging station will provide a place to soup up tech batteries while you recharge.

11. This neon X-ray storage box takes the second-guessing out of digging around for a belt to wear with your ensemble.

12. This versatile storage caddy is the perfect spot for the stuff in your junk drawer that doesn't actually belong in the junk drawer.

13. This shoe box will keep special-occasion shoes pristine.

14. This pretty eucalyptus box will let your extra towels breathe before you're ready to use them.

15. This set of vacuum-pack storage bags will shrink guest linens for easier stashing inside suitcases.

16. This rolling basket can contain your bed's accent pillows while you're counting sheep.

17. This lockable laptop case will keep your pricey electronics safe, sound, and stowed away.

18. This watch case will give your timepieces a place to park.

19. This fire and water protector chest can house all your important documents, your passport, and other stuff your life kinda depends upon.

20. This shopper bag will hold all the odds and ends that won't fit elsewhere.

It's already appropriately labeled. Just fill 'er up, zip the top, and cram under the bed.

Get it from ModCloth for $11.99.

21. Or just take the lazy route and invest in this storage bed that's already equipped to handle all the filth you want to hide.

It's like a Murphy bed, but not.

Get it from Ikea for $499.

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