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    32 Dresses To Use For Costumes That You'll Also Want To Wear When Halloween's Over

    Spooky season investments are the best kind.

    1. A Veronica number just in time for the new Riverdale season and the bewitching hour.

    2. A Wednesday Addams classic that, tbh, you're going to wear over and over again during normal life, too.

    3. Or a Madeleine frock to cop the easygoing style of the ~original~ cool French girl. Now you just need a yellow hat and red scarf!

    4. An angelic option in burgundy, black, or white so you can play it good or evil.

    5. A Dalmatian print in case you're ready to make nice with Cruella de Vil for one night a year.

    6. A pretty babydoll in several color combos so you can dress up as an actual doll. Creepy ventriloquist-chin lines up to you!

    7. A denim dress that'll serve as the perf cowgirl base so you can finally put that red bandanna to use and find an excuse to learn how to lasso.

    8. A zebra-print frock for being, well, a zebra.

    9. And a leopard-print choice so everyone in your pack can coordinate. Or you can hang solo, put a bone in your ponytail, and call yourself Pebbles.

    10. A Ms. Frizzle lookalike as a lazy way to teach a lesson about the solar system. Or the effect of ethanol now that you found a DD for The Magic Schoolbus. Or you could just be Rick and Morty.

    11. A tourist T-shirt you could adapt for a Raoul Duke look.

    12. A baseball tee in a million different colors to rep your favorite team — or make up one.

    13. And a bodycon football jersey begging to be personalized with numbers, team names, emoji, whatever.

    14. A groovy velvet look you could use to pass off as Austin Powers with some fake teeth or Blair Waldorf with a headband.

    15. Bib overalls you can wear as a farmer or go with a group and break out into a rendition of "Come on Eileen."

    16. An ~official~ Barbie gingham frock ready for costumes, picnics, and beyond!

    17. A cocktail dress you can jazz up with a red lip as a dangerous black widow and then wear to a holiday party later this year.

    18. A striped plunge into taking on the Beetlejuice (or referee) motif.

    19. An embroidered frock to wear as an actual princess gown now and then grace everyone with your dang presence with afterward as royalty in a less-than-subtle disguise.

    20. An adorable Minnie dupe you can also wear the next time you venture to a Disney park.

    21. An on-trend prairie dress to get your Little House on the Prairie or Oregon Trail on in a totally comfy way.

    22. A metallic mini that'll help you play an alien or Zenon. Oh and it'd look amazing at the club.

    23. A ~sharp~ shirt dress featuring your fave Disney villainess who's major contouring inspo. (People will think it's a fashion metal band shirt the rest of the year.)

    24. A lacey smock dress to pair with a fringed shawl and loose waves in an homage to the queen herself, Stevie Nicks.

    25. A Morticia gown to lure in all the ladykillers.

    26. A velvet maxi that'll provide an on-trend Elvira lewk that'll feel a lot less risque than the original.

    27. Or a ~legit~ Elvira maxi from her capsule collection if you don't wanna fool with a thigh-high slit.

    28. A plaid shirt dress as a lazy AF way to channel the Brawny man. Or a scarecrow. Or a lumberjack. Imagine the possibilities!!!!

    29. A ballerina one piece that'll fulfill your Black Swan needs without turning into a monster while sourcing a tutu *and* bodysuit.

    30. A collared frock with a cinched waist to create all kinds of ~spirited~ ensembles.

    31. A dreamy disco frock can come in handy come holiday party season.

    32. A T-shirt dress Karen would be into for a Halloween costume. If only it were tighter, shorter, and lower cut....

    Now just add some costume-making accessories and you're set!

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