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    17 Cheap Outfits That Actually Make Halloween Costumes Easy

    Spooky, sparkly, sexy, and everything in-between.

    1. A stretchy knee-length dress that comes in 14 different colors and is so comfy that you'll still be happy wearing it several hours into your party.

    2. A fit-and-flare dress perfect for channeling all sorts of vintage and '50s vibes.

    3. Or a similar '50s-style dress with a sweetheart neckline and polka dots so you can swing dance and twirl 'till your heart's content.

    4. An all-lace dress here to satisfy all your witchy and western needs — it's definitely cute enough to wear without your costume accessories, too.

    5. A cloak-like robe you can use for all kinds of characters while staying warm-ish as the temperatures drop.

    6. A Wednesday Addams dress that comes in enough colors you could adapt it to a bunch of *other* characters — or just go with the classic.

    7. And a Morticia dress with a truly iconic train (and a slit up the side so you can actually walk).

    8. A soft and cozy fleece sweatshirt that you can easily turn into a last-minute costume of basically anything on the morning of October 31st.

    9. A mini dress you can easily transform into any sporty costume with just a few accessories and some puffy paint.

    10. An LBD that will literally give you wings to fly through the night.

    11. An officially-licensed tee to turn you into your favorite Star Trek character with zero effort.

    12. A fluffy tulle tutu skirt easy to pair with a tee or leotard for the fairy, princess, ballerina, or zombie cheerleader costume of your dreams.

    13. A stretchy, lined sequin dress because honestly if I've learned anything in life, it's that you can never have too many sparkles.

    14. Fish-scale-print leggings for living out all your underwater fantasies on the best night of the year.

    15. A pleated skirt you can dance in 'till dawn and that just might end up added to your everyday rotation of favorite clothes.

    16. A hooded, corseted tunic top that can transfigure you into little red riding hood, an assasin, an elfin warrior, your steampunk alter-ego and more...or just be an easy, warm option for your favorite Renaissance festival.

    17. A comfy, swingy t-shirt dress that's another one of those super versatile pieces you can use for all kinds of costumes...and actually wear again.

    You, looking good in your costume nobody knows was actually this cheap:

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