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37 Halloween Costume Accessories That'll Basically Steal The Show

These additions to your everyday stuff will make your costume LEGENDARY.

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2. A Phantom of the Opera mask in a million options so you can find the perfect one to go with an ensemble you already love.,

Promising review: "Very nice mask. I won Best Costume at the Halloween Murder Mystery I was attended and think it is due to this mask. The mask was a bit wide for my face, but perfectly wearable. I would recommend this mask for others." —Candis

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (30 color combos).


4. A dashing red hat that'll make everyone say, "Where in the world is that person dressed up as Carmen Sandiego?",

Promising review: "Purchased this hat for my Carmen Sandiego costume. I would recommend this hat for personal or costume wear." —Kaitlin Apostol

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (eight colors).

7. A curly wig you can give a trim to fit your desired costume, like Ripley from Alien, a pirate, Slash, or the king himself, Weird Al Yankovic!!!


9. A pair of Maleficent horns as a *valid* excuse to go full throttle with your contouring kit.,

Promising review: "I wore these horns for Halloween this year. They were very lightweight but didn't look like it. I wrapped a little of my hair around the base of the horns and secured in place with bobby pins. They looked great and I received a lot of compliments." —SasBug

Get them from Amazon for $22.87, Jet for $23.70, or Hot Topic for $17.45.


12. A felt top hat befitting a magician, snowman, Slash, Alice Cooper, and so many other characters.,

Promising review: "Worked perfectly! While this is too large for my 'slightly larger than average' head, it fit PERFECTLY once I put on a wig. it literally stayed on ALL NIGHT! I'm super impressed with this!" —Mike

Get it from Amazon for $8.59.

15. A mermaid wig available lots of color combos worthy of your ~fantastical~ costume aspirations.,

Promising review: "I had a mermaid photoshoot I was doing and this wig completed my look! Such a great price, came curled and did not stink or feel like most wigs. I'm so happy with this purchase." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (12 color combos).


17. An eye patch with enough wiggle room to fit over your eyeglasses, but still look super sinister.,

Promising review: "Exactly as expected. Good value and perfect pirate accessory. It even worked well with my glasses!" —Ken K

Get it from Amazon for $4 or Jet for $4.54.


20. A pair of soft, versatile butterfly wings that won't get in everyone else's way.,

Promising review: "Bought these wings for a butterfly Halloween costume. Worked well; cute and durable. Perfect for festival season. Straps are a little tight (the wings are worn like a backpack), and the elastic isn't as stretchy as I would have liked." —Erica Leong

Get them from Amazon for $7.91+ (three colors) or Jet for $9.67.

23. A pair of bloody thigh highs to set off your bad nurse costume. Or really any costume begging for a gruesome edge! So...all of them.


25. An Inspector Gadget fedora just waiting to be decked out in all sorts of crazy-looking faux gadgets.

Promising review: "I have a big head, and this fits great. Bought it for a costume but continually wear it on beach vacations and in the summer. Comfy and cute." —Anonymous

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (21 colors).

26. A three-pack of red bandanas you can use for Rosie The Riveter, a cowboy, or just a very good doggo.,

Promising review: "High-quality, heavy cotton, good price. They are for our cattle dog, and he is quite happy with them. But we do roll them up a bit as they are standard size and so a bit big for Gus." —D. Blaine

Get them from Amazon for $7.99 (nine color combos).


29. A Harry Potter glasses and tie set so your tallest, hairiest friend can say "yer a wizard" allll night.,

Promising review: "High-quality, very well-made, and as good as any silk dress tie purchased at a major department store, so it can be used over and over. For the price, it's very great!" —Alex Wahl

Get them from Amazon for $9.99.


32. A pair of werewolf gloves long enough to tuck into the sleeves of your shirt for the ultimate ~transformation~.

34. A reversible superhero cape just may help you pull off all kinds of feats.


36. A gnarly Freddy glove to take over as the right-hand man for Elm Street tonight.,

Promising review: "The one I got looks like the picture. There's a cloth glove that you slide under the claws. Then you put your hand through it and you can manipulate the fingers. Maybe not the best thing for a cosplayer, but it works for what I needed." —Ratchet&Spank

Get it from Amazon for $12.07 or Hot Topic for $11.60.