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18 Cleaning Tips That'll Save You So Much Money

Aka how to be clean...and rich! (Sorta.)

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1. Prevent buying a jug of Draino or calling a plumber to snake your drain by investing in a TubShroom you can use over and over again.

2. And when you finally need a drain-cleaning solution, DIY one with white vinegar and baking soda.

3. Cut down on your paper towel usage with these reusable cleaning cloths.

4. Transform regular household objects like a butter knife or broom into cleaning magic wands with these cloths.

5. Clean out the lint trap in your dryer with a brush to keep your appliance in tip-top shape.

6. Scrub perfectly good hot hair tools of product buildup with a DIY solution of stuff you already own.

7. Try out generic versions of brand-name cleaning products when you can.

8. Microwave sponges weekly to kill bacteria and extend their lifetime.

9. Help your exhaust fan run more efficiently by spraying in canned air to clear out the dust. If you don't clean this, it's a also fire hazard!

10. Bring tools back to life -- instead of buying replacements -- by removing rust with this DIY concoction.

11. Streamline your cleaning arsenal. That way you won't bother buying a super-obscure cleaner meant for cleaning only one thing when an all-purpose cleaner will do.

12. Skip the floor cleaner concentrate and throw a capful of mouthwash in with a gallon of warm water to mop your floors.

13. Scrub your dingy sneakers to whiter brilliance with toothpaste to make them look brand new again and put off spending $$$ on a new pair.

14. Lengthen the life of your pillows and comforters by making sure you aren't washing them too often.

15. Avoid multiple cycles for the same load (and a higher water bill) by cleaning your dishwasher.

16. Avoid pricey car-specific cleaning products or a pro cleaning sesh with a DIY car cleaner that'll scrub all the interior's surfaces clean.

17. Speaking of DIY solutions, whip up an all-purpose cleaner that'll work on appliances, kitchen counters, etc.

18. But when a DIY cleaning solution just won't do, use Flipp to find coupons for your tried-and-true faves.

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