18 Bizarre Things People Have Witnessed In Public That Made Us Go, "Am I The Only One Seeing This RN?"

    "Honestly, I thought the barista put something in my drink. It was surreal."

    Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest things they've witnessed in public, and they really came through! Here are some of the most bizarre things you said still live in your minds rent free.

    1. "I was driving with my family to the beach through a rural area. When we got to the edge of the beach we passed a guy mowing his lawn naked with a sock on his dick."

    2. "I was on a driving lesson recently and saw a guy waiting at a bus stop wearing a full face scuba mask and snorkel. Other than that he had on normal clothes."

    3. "A guy was jogging backwards on the pavement near a busy stretch of road in Trinidad."

    4. "I was a passenger in a car on a French motorway being driven to the airport. As we overtook a car going slightly slower than the 80mph speed limit, I glanced at the driver & did a double take. He was casually reading a thick War and Peace type novel and eating a banana."

    5. "I saw a guy walking his rabbit on a lead through a park in Tokyo, which was quite odd."

    6. "A guy holding a bag of his own vomit. He kept on opening it and rubbing it all over his clothes."

    7. "I once saw a woman on public transportation discretely smell her fingers and then proceed to get a rollerball perfume out of her purse and roll it on each of her fingertips."

    8. "I was in a hotel lobby in Sicily when I saw this older moustached gentleman in a pinstripe suit discretely knock on the wall. A panel on another wall opened and he walked through."

    9. "One time I was paying inside at a gas station when a guy pulled in driving a loud truck connected to a boat. I continued talking to the cashier and then glanced up to see the guy cleaning his windows WITH HIS TONGUE."

    10. "I remember at work this woman decided to change her baby in the middle of the dining area instead of going into the bathroom and using the changing table."

    11. "I sat down to relax at a park in NYC. After a few minutes, an older man came into view, spread his arms out to the side, and just stood there. Immediately, dozens of pigeons from the entire park flew over and landed on him."

    12. "A woman was outside my house at her car with her two toddlers. The little girl needed to pee, so she pulled down the girl's shorts and pants and lifted her to a face down horizontal position and she peed straight down into the gutter."

    13. "There was a woman sat outside of a coffee shop, and on her lap was a ginormous cat – like, small pony sized!"

    14. "I was driving down an isolated country lane at approx 2am when I noticed a skinny naked man running ahead with his feet bare."

    15. "Once I saw an adult man wiggling like a worm across the floor at Tesco with a barely-patient employee following closely behind."

    16. "Driving through downtown LA about 15 years ago in broad daylight, I spotted a woman standing at a bus stop with her top pulled up and her pants pulled down."

    17. "In London I saw a guy on a bicycle wearing a colander as a helmet."

    18. "Once I saw someone do a perfect cartwheel on the pavement at a busy intersection in the heart of town."

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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