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Let Us Know Something You've Seen In Public That Made You Go, "Am I The Only One Seeing This RN?"

I want to hear every little detail...I think.

Most of the time walking around town or using public transport is pretty uneventful.

But occasionally, we may see things that make us do ~several~ double takes.

We want to know – what weird, bizarre, or unconventional things have you inadvertently become witness to in public?

Perhaps your peaceful afternoon got interrupted by someone walking down the street stark naked!

Or maybe while on your commute home from work someone whipped out a garden chair to sit on.

Or, like me, perhaps your fairly average day went downhill when you made eye contact with someone eating chewing gum off the floor.

Whatever it may be, tell us the weirdest WTF moments you've witnessed in public, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!