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    29 Things From Anthropologie That'll Probably Have People Asking "Where Did You Get That?"

    And the best-dressed Zoom meeting attendee is...y-o-u.

    1. A seamless T-back bralette which just might be the first bra you don't want to rip off your body — it has adjustable straps and is made from a super soft stretchy material that'll perfectly mold to you.

    Model wearing the T-back bralette in white.

    2. A pair of the always sleek and perfectly fitting Spanx seamless leggings that come up just high enough to give you a comfortable stretchy fit.

    Model sitting on the floor while wearing the Spanx seamless leggings in camo.

    3. A woven waffle throw blanket just in case you DO want to walk around in a blanket all day.

    Folded piles of the waffle throw blankets in multiple colors.

    4. A flowing button-up midi dress designed with a deep-V neckline, tie detail sleeves, and floral pattern you'll look so good in.

    Model wearing the midi dress in bright red.

    5. A lightweight tie-dye button-up you can easily wear with your favorite leggings or jeans — either way you're going to be ready for some seriously laid-back activities.

    Model wearing the tie-dye button-down in pink.

    6. A super cute vented Free People top perfect for getting in a workout or working out what spot you're the comfiest on the couch.

    7. A vibrant 500-piece Let's Go Get Lost Puzzle, because at the current moment you can't really go get lost but you can do a puzzle.

    A photo of the puzzle box

    8. A fantastic textured midi dress designed with easily adjustable straps, a charming square neck, a cut-out back detail, and very convenient side slant pockets — it's honestly just so darn pretty!

    A model wearing the midi dress in yellow.

    9. A monogrammed hand cream lightly scented with fruity-florals and with a bottle pretty enough to deserve its spot on your vanity.

    A photo of the A, B, C, and & bottles.

    10. A sporty and neutral camo sweatshirt designed in gorgeously muted cream colors and in the comfiest cotton material you'll probably ever know. Throw it on and bam, you have a perfect look for all-day relaxing.

    A model casually wearing the camo sweatshirt.

    11. A V-neck seamless bralette designed in a buttery soft material, with no wires, elastic, or seams, and thicker straps for extra support — if you're deciding to wear a bra while you stay at home, this is will be the one of your dreams.

    Model wearing the Stella seamless bralette in black.

    12. A colorful print leather Clare V. for Anthropologie Sabine headband perfect for adding a little life to your T-shirt and jeans ::cough sweatpants cough:: uniform.

    The Clare V. for Anthropologie Sabine Headband leaning on a wall.

    13. A plush fleece Free People jacket you can wear instead of just walking around in a blanket all day.

    A model wearing the Free People Movement fleece jacket in vintage white.

    14. A pair of roomy pull-on sleep pants — don't let the name fool you, they're not just for sleeping (although they're great for that) — you can wear them while you lounge around, run essential errands, or even dress them up.

    A model wearing the Jamie Sleep Pant in navy.

    15. A perfect puffed sleeve tropical print midi dress because pants are overrated — why is it that pants are the uniform when staying at home? We all know dresses are way comfier.

    A model wearing the Josephine Midi Dress.

    16. A pair of satin square-toed Jeffrey Campbell bow flats so you can really have that "business in the front, comfort all over" feeling.

    A pair of Jeffrey Campbell's Bow Square-Toed Flats in purple.

    17. An eye-catching cowl neck slip maxi dress in a super pretty tie-dye print that's so easily layer-able you're going to be wearing it with everything else in your closet.

    A model wearing the cowl neck slip maxi dress.

    18. An airy and pocketed shirt dress designed with an adorable tiered skirt that'll have you looking absolutely adorable all around the house.

    19. A jar of Joanna Vargas' exfoliating mask designed using fruit-derived enzymes, a fusion of volcanic ash, and mineral-rich clay to get out impurities and increase cell turnover — leaving you with a brighter, smoother complexion and a radiant glow.

    An image of Joanna Vargas' exfoliating mask.

    20. A delicately comfortable lace bralette you can easily wear as a cute pajama top so you can be the best-dressed person in dreamland.

    A model laying down while wearing the Samia Lace Bralette in copper rose.

    21. A chunky resin, brass, and cubic zirconia Mystical Ring to make sure you're really giving off the perfect celestial vibes.

    A collection of all the Mystical Ring in every available color.

    22. An uber-romantic DOLAN Collection Caroline tiered maxi dress designed with adjustable straps, a smocked bodice, and roomy side slant pockets for that perfect "I live in this dress now" feel.

    A model wearing the DOLAN Collection Caroline tiered maxi dress in an orange motif.

    23. A ruffled eyelet detailed cotton pullover you're bound to wear every day — it's like a sweatshirt AND a cute top. It's a win, win.

    A model wearing the ruffled eyelet pullover in violet.

    24. A dreamy pair of low-top Superga lace sneakers — you can literally never have too many of these. They're perfect for any occasion, at any time, or any weather.

    A photo of the low-top Superga lace sneakers in white.

    25. A colorful pair of Mariel sport sandals designed with a cotton and elastic upper, rubber bottom, and an easy to walk in one-inch platform — making them the perfect addition to all those hoodie and leggings days...so like every day.

    An image of the Mariel sport sandals in the blue motif print.

    26. An enchanting flutter sleeve maxi dress for all those dramatic entrances you're going to make.

    A model wearing the Savita maxi dress.

    27. An incredibly handy little Pinch Provisions kit filled with everything you could ever possibly need to pamper yourself while you binge yet another streaming service in its entirety.

    An image of all the items in the Pinch Provisions Binge-Watching Beauty Kit scattered.

    28. A gathered waist cotton midi dress just roomy enough to make you feel carefree but cute enough to have you look pulled together.

    A model wearing the Becca midi dress in cedar.

    29. A breezy ruffled sleeve maxi dress designed in what must be the prettiest print your summer wardrobe will ever know.

    IRL footage of you accepting your best-dressed award.

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