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29 Of The Best Gifts For Someone Celebrating Their Quinceañera

Some alternatives to just handing them a wad of cash.

1. An awesome instant camera so they can capture all their memories.

2. A delicate little ring to mark this momentous day.

3. A print that showcases the woman they're just starting to become.

4. A makeup set with nearly everything and anything she could ever need.

5. Some dope AF headphones for when they want to listen to those sick-ass beats.

6. A necklace that can be personalized just for them.

7. A light-up cell phone case because they're always taking selfies. Why not give them perfect lighting?

8. A pin that lists all her standout qualities.

9. A pair of adorable unicorn slippers because they're obsessed with all things cute.

10. A custom rosary they'll cherish for a lifetime.

11. A sweatshirt to remind her of how special she is.

12. A bracelet to remind them that yes, they can.

13. A T-shirt that shows just how much of a bad-ass and animal lover they are.

14. A print of their favorite recipe so they can showcase their mad baking skills.

15. A hat that lets them know it's none of your business how much time they spend online.

16. Some tickets to the concert of their choice because they never stop talking about [insert name of a musician you've never heard of here].

17. On that note, they'd probably also love some merchandise from that above mentioned musician.

18. A bath bomb-making kit to prepare them for when they start their beauty brand empire.

19. A gift card to their favorite place so they can do the shopping.

20. A trip of a lifetime so you can help them collect memories, not just stuff.

21. A phone case because they are literally always drinking ice coffee.

22. A personalized necklace with their name all over it.

23. A set of wheels 'cause they technically can't drive yet.

24. A personalized frame that will hold their memories.

25. Basically anything you wore when you were their age, 'cause apparently that's all back in style.

26. A projector they can use to screen movies, binge watch Netflix, or play video games with.

27. A very encouraging card reminding them to give it their all.

28. A clean energy kit that'll literally let them create light.

29. Or this splurge-worthy collection of Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks.

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