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27 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love Going To Concerts

Get your shopping list in tune with these amazing items.

1. An amp doormat you can personalize with any name.

2. A ticket stub diary to document all the exciting moments from the show.

3. A magnetic holder you can use to show off your ticket collection.

4. An amp key holder that even your favorite rocker would love.

5. A guide to 1001 albums every music lover should hear.

6. And a book listing 1001 songs music enthusiasts should listen to.

7. A pair of ear plugs that come with a convenient case.

8. A ticket stub box to keep all your tickets in one place.

9. An army of mini hand sanitizers in jelly wrap carriers.

10. A personalized gold record that won't require a single album sale.

11. A pedometer to count every step — whether from walking to the venue or dancing the night away.

12. The king of foldable chairs for those long days — and nights — on the lawn.

13. A T-shirt frame to display any amazing merch purchases.

14. A box guitar kit for the more ambitious music lovers.

15. A selfie stick that looks like a lipstick case.

16. A ticket album to store away your most precious stubs.

17. A lightweight poncho in case some rain makes a surprise appearance at the show.

18. A stylish fanny pack to hide away any important belongings.

19. Or a camo pouch for people who prefer a fun print.

20. A wallet phone case that will keep cards, cash and IDs secure and out of sight.

21. A set of plastic flasks to easily keep your beverages concealed.

22. A sweatshirt that will be your concert day go-to.

23. A pack of Sharpies that will come in handy when trying to get an artist’s autograph.

24. A bottle opener, keychain and lighting charger cord all in one tool.

25. An affordable pair of rain boots to fight the rain and mud during outdoor concerts.

26. A handmade strap that will give any guitar a little rockstar flair.

27. And a solar power charger to make sure your phone stays far away from that dreaded "low battery" warning.

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