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22 Last Minute Subscription Box Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Give a gift that'll get delivered to their door every month. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Accio! Box, for your sister who just got her acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

Give the gift of magic with a monthly box filled with items inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter. You'll get house-specific and uniquely created items that are curated by fans for fans.

Subscriptions with Accio! Box begin at $40/month.

2. Henny & Roo, for your uncle who has a backyard full of chickens.

If you have a Joey or Chandler in your life, then this is the perfect box for them! Every month a selection of three treats for their chicken and one bag of coop herbs will be delivered to their door. Giving both them and their clucking pet a carefully selected and thoughtfully curated holiday present.

Subscriptions with Henny & Roo begin at $21/month.

3. Play! by Sephora, for the beauty guru that you're hoping will show you their ways.

Every beauty junkie will go nuts for a monthly delivery from Sephora. In each box they'll get five product samples, an adorable makeup bag, an invitation to an exclusive in-store event, and bonus Beauty Insider points.

Subscriptions for Play! by Sephora begin at $10/month.

4. Cloth & Paper, for your friend who dreams of getting married in the office supply aisle.

If you know anyone who gets a high from walking through any office supply store then this is the perfect gift for them! You can select from two different subscription boxes, The Stationary Box, where they get a variety of stationary and planner supplies or Penspiration, where they'll get four to six types of pens and pencils. Bundle them both up for a monthly delivery of their every fantasy.

Subscriptions with Cloth & Paper begin at $18/month.

5. Sparkle Hustle Grow, for your niece who is going to run the world.

Every month the Girl Boss in your life will get four to six items to help them grow as entrepreneurs. Things like books, planners, and chic office supplies, plus access to an online course or tutorial. Once a member, they’ll also be invited to join a private Facebook group to help them grow their hustle.

Subscriptions with Sparkle Hustle Grow begin at $25/month.

6. PupJoy, for your best friend who deserves the world.

If anyone deserves the gift that keeps on giving, it's your dog. Every month you can have a box of premium treats, toys, chews, and accessories, all personalized to your dog's preferences and delivered to their doggy door.

Subscriptions with PupJoy begin at $26/month.

7. Crafty Box, for your mother-in-law who loves to DIY.

Get a monthly delivery that lets your loved ones experience some fun and creative DIY projects. Perfect for any age, they'll be able to create amazing craft projects and you'll get all the credit!

Subscriptions with Crafty Box begin at $30/month.

8. Cat Lady Box, for your neighbor who has more cats than her lease allows.

We all have that one friend who would dump us in an instant to hang out with their cat. Well, now you have the perfect gift for her! Get a box full of cat-centric items for them and their kitties. Everything from cat-themed jewelry, shirts, accessories, toys, and decor delivered in a cardboard box that their cat will adore.

Subscriptions with Cat Lady Box begin at $35/month.

9. Walt Life Addiction Subscription, for your aunt who has Mickey Mouse fine china.

Get a monthly delivery of Disney magic delivered to the Disney Prince or Princess in your life. Everything from toys to home decor, brought right to their doorstep.

Subscriptions with Walt Life Addiction begin at $8/month.

10. The Butter Box, for your girlfriend who always smells delicious.

Get high-quality bath and body products with amazing scents made of ingredients like "Fair-Trade" Shea Butter from Water 4 Youth, an organization that helps bring water to children in Ghana.

Subscriptions with The Butter Box begin at $20/month.

11. Love Goodly, for your cousin who is always asking you to volunteer.

Send the gift of a curated box of full size beauty, lifestyle, and wellness products. Each month they'll get to discover amazing socially conscious brands and 5% of the price will be donated to support a charitable cause.

Subscriptions with Love Goodly begin at $30/month.

12. The Music Box, for your nephew who spent his summer following his favorite band.

Send a monthly delivery of CDs, artist stickers, download cards, and other goodies to the music lover in your life. They'll get exposure to new artists and bands, and an exciting way to discover amazing music!

Subscriptions with The Music Box begin at $3/month.

13. Swinger Box, for your dad who considers his golf clubs a part of the family.

The perfect gift for the avid golfer! They'll get a box full of items and apparel for their time on the green. From apparel, accessories, balls, golf gloves, tees, to sunblock, and lip balm.

Subscriptions with Swinger Box begin at $10/month.

14. The Bouqs, for your co-worker who always has fresh flowers on his desk.

Set up a weekly delivery of seasonal bouquets for anyone in your life. You select the size of the arrangements and they'll deliver a bundle of fresh, wonderfully smelling flowers to their door.

Subscriptions with The Bouqs begin at $40/per delivery.

15. Stress Less Box, for your brother-in-law who is a little high strung.

Every month you'll be giving the gift of relaxation. They'll get a selection of natural and organic products perfect to help slow down their hectic and chaotic life.

Subscriptions with Stress Less Box begin at $40/month.

16. Urban Organic Gardner, for your grandmother who has a really green thumb.

Give a selection of perfectly timed, seasonal, raw, un-treated heirloom seeds to the gardener in your life. They'll get a custom curated collection of seeds & garden supplies designed around their gardening space and food preferences.

Subscriptions with Urban Organic Gardner begin at $10/month.

17. Nostalgic Candy Club, for your dad who tells you way too many, "When I was your age..." stories.

Send a monthly time capsule guaranteed to make them take a trip back to their favorite time. They'll get a selection of six to eight candies from the past few decades, helping them time travel via their sweet tooth.

Subscriptions with Nostalgic Candy Club begin at $20/month.

18. The Prepper Box, for your brother who watches too much of The Walking Dead and is sure the end is coming.

Every month they'll get a box full of curated survival and preparedness items perfect for the zombie apocalypse or if the power just goes out.

Subscriptions with The Prepper Box begin at $10/month.

19. Cozy Reader Club, for your niece who is a total book worm.

Each month they'll get everything they need to curl up with a good book. Every box has four to six items, including a hardcover novel, toasty beverage, delicious treats, and something handmade and cozy AF.

Subscriptions with the Cozy Reader Club begin at $65/month.

20. Dapr Club, for your husband who is still wearing the same T-shirt from high school.

Every month expert curators put together a selection of seven accessories to help up the fashion, grooming, and utility essentials for the man in your life.

Subscriptions with Dapr Club begin at $35/month.

21. My Monogram Box, for your sister who hates sharing.

Nothing says, "Just for you!" like a monogrammed gift. Each month they'll receive a box with a monogrammed goody created just for them.

Subscriptions for My Monogram Box begin at $20/month.

22. The Witch'in Way, for anyone who might being toying with the idea of becoming a Pagan.,

A subscription box that offers a unique assortment of ingredients, spell components, and jewelry that all follow a monthly theme. Items range from hand-made to ethically sourced.

Subscriptions with The Witch'in Way begin at $23/month.

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Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed