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37 Gifts That Literally Everyone Will Want

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they have everything. But do they have eight pounds of marshmallows?

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3. A vase that expands for the flowers they'll put in it.


5. A cheese gun that'll let them play with their food.

Finally our prayers have been answered! Thank you, Cheesus. The Fondoodler is the cheese gun the world has been waiting for. Fill the canister with cheese, any cheese, and in a couple seconds melted goodness will dispense from the gun onto an about-to-be-delicious snack. It can write with cheese, build with cheese, decorate with cheese, it can do anything with cheese...except eat it.

Get it from Fondoodler for $30.

Note: The Fondoodler is licensed and sold by BuzzFeed.


10. Some drinking glasses that have a beautiful ~ending~.


14. A suit that'll make their commute to work super entertaining.


17. A keyboard that is not really there.

Well, it's virtually there. Using laser technology they'll get a keyboard projected onto the flat surface in front of their phone. The device connects using Bluetooth and is easily rechargeable after they're all done.

Get it on Amazon starting at $75.

18. A tiny printer that'll bring their photos to life.

Lifeprint will basically give them the photos from Harry Potter! Not joking, this is real! Just upload a video in Lifeprint's smartphone app. Once it's up, select a cover photo which will get printed through the super portable printer. That one photo holds the entire video! In seconds it'll come to life, showing the recipient the story that lies within. Bonus, the photos are stickers so they can be placed anywhere and anyone with the app can watch the story come to life.

Get it from Lifeprint for $130.


20. A magnet so they can literally put their phone anywhere.

This super easy to install magnetic mount gives you a permanent way to securely attach your phone to nearly any surface! Just fasten it to the inside of your phone case (or the outside of your phone) and attach the other end to whatever surface you want your phone to sit on.

Get it on Amazon for $15.

22. An adorable sleep system to give them a perfect night's rest.


24. A Pac-Man Ghost lamp so you can see when the bad guys are coming.

25. A firewall that's super cute, but also a total badass.

CUJO is an adorably smart firewall internet security device that'll basically stop any hacks, malware, and cyberthreats from affecting their home...because that's actually something we need to be careful about now. They can monitor a network's activity through an app, but it does require a subscription service of about $9 a month.

Get it on Amazon for $77.

26. These shot glasses that are very scientific.


32. A door lock that'll help them protect everything (since they have it).

This fancy lock means never getting stressed again about locking yourself out of your apartment. Using you smartphone and a push of a few buttons, you can unlock your door and securely come home.

Get it on Amazon for $190.

34. A tiny projector that'll make their favorite movie larger than life.


36. An umbrella that syncs to their phone so they'll never ever lose it again.

By simply syncing your umbrella to your smart phone, it'll send you a notification when you've wondered too far. Meaning, it'll never get lost in that black hole of umbrellas where so many have gone before. Even better, if you do manage to lose it, they'll give you up to 50% off the replacement.

Get it from Davek for $125.

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