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22 Simple Ways To Look So Much Fancier

You don't need to spend a lot of money to look like money.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

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1. Upgrade the buttons on your jacket to elevate its appearance and make it totally one of a kind.

Find a similar jacket for $23 (available in sizes S-XL) at Forever21 and shoes for $28+ (available in sizes 5-10.5) on Amazon. Also, find a slew of great buttons on Amazon for $10.

Get more outfit inspiration from @freddieharrel.

2. Make a simple white tee or basic outfit seem classy AF with some jewelry.

Get these earrings at BaubleBar for $48 and find more jewelry options here.

3. Shoes can make or break a look! Add a pop of color, some heels, or just make sure your footwear is taken care of with regular upkeep.,

Find similar red heels for $21+ (available in sizes 5-10) on Amazon and the Adidas for $109 (available in sizes UK 4-9.5) on End Clothing.

Get more style inspiration from @KelaWalker

4. Get a more-polished look by making sure your clothes are properly tailored and proportional to your body type. Nothing says $$$ more than a good fit!

Find a similar white collared shirt for $30 (available in sizes XS-2XL) and pair of culottes for $30 (available in sizes XS-XL) at Uniqlo, and corset top for $35 (available in sizes 2-12) at H&M.

Get more style inspiration from @mariaalia

5. Carry a high-quality handbag and take good care of it for an easy polished look.

Find a similar handbag at Sole Society for $65.

Get more style inspiration from @fancythingsblog

6. Pay attention to fabric quality, type, and care when buying new pieces.,

Get the complete guide to determining quality of your fabrics from ANUSCHKA REES and find products to help care for your clothes here.

Get the bomber for $150 (available in sizes XS-XL) and blouse for $100 (available in sizes 10-18) from Violetta by Mango.

7. Mix the pieces you invest in with your go-to inexpensive favorites.

Get this skirt for $170 (available in sizes 0-4) and the T-shirt $28 (available in sizes S-L) from TopShop.

Get more style inspiration from @sorayabakhtiar

8. Add a belt to make any style of outfit seem a bit more polished.

Find a similar belt on Amazon for $12.

Get more style inspiration from Fashion Lush.

9. Care for your hair!

Get this Jacket at Violetta by Mango for $40 (available in sizes10-18) and find the best guides to gorgeous locks here and all the best hair care products here.

10. Layer your look to give it more dimension and glamour.

Find a similar jacket on Amazon for $14+ (available in sizes 1X-3X) or one from Asos for $79 (available in sizes 0-4). Find similar shoes on Amazon for $45+ (available in sizes 5.5-10.5) and $13 (available in size 6).

Get more style inspiration from Gabi Gregg at and on her Instagram, @gabifresh.

11. Let it hang off your shoulders and instantly get a little bit of Hollywood glamour.

Find a dress on Amazon for $16+ (available in S-XXL and in a variety of additional colors).

Get more style inspiration from Gal Meets Glam.

12. Make your clothes last longer and maintain their quality by caring for them correctly.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

See all the ways here.

13. Wear neutrals, like ivory and camel, to give even your cheapest clothes a high-quality look.

Find a similar camel coat on ASOS for $113 (available in sizes 0-14), and Amazon for $99+ (available in sizes 16-30).

Get more style inspiration from Girl With Curves on her Instagram, @girlwithcurves.

14. Never leave the house without giving your pieces a once over with your steamer, iron, or lint roller.,

Find this dress at Forever 21 for $20 (available in 0X-3X) and the romper for $20 (available in S-L)

Get lint rollers for $6, steamers for $19, and irons for $17 on Amazon.

15. Keep your silhouettes and materials simple.

Adding too many bells and whistles over complicates things (I'm looking at you bedazzled jeans and ripped-up tees). Look for classic shapes, natural fabrics, and well-lined clothes. They'll look expensive just because of their simplicity.

Find the blazer at H&M for $50 (available in sizes 2-14) and dress for $60 (available in sizes 2-12).

16. Make a uniform out of your black, white, or navy pieces.

Find similar boots at Asos for $53 (available in sizes 5-11), blazer at ModCloth for $55 (available in sizes S-L), and trousers at Uniqlo for $30 (available in sizes XS-XL).

Get more style inspiration from @dearmilano.

17. Invest in standout pieces when you decide to spend your money, not the basics that you can get for less.

Invest in a dress from Zappos for $109 or get a similar dress on Amazon for $28 (available in sizes XS-XL), or for $23 (available in sizes S-XL).

Get more style inspiration from @sweatshirtsanddresses.

18. Hide bra and panty lines under your clothes.

Follow this super handy guide from the Huffington Post and find all the best undies here.

And get more style inspiration from

19. Don't invest in "distressed" clothes. Buying clothes that look worn won't help in your endeavors to look fancy AF. Instead try crisp collars and clean lines.

Get the white blouse for $30 (available in sizes XS-XXL), light blue for $15 (available in sizes XS-XL), and the navy one for $30 (available in sizes XXS-XXL).

20. Buy timeless outerwear -- like denim and trench coats -- that'll always be in style.,

Get the Levi's denim jacket on Amazon for $29+ (available in sizes XS-L) and the London Fog Trench Coat at TJ Maxx for $80 (available in XS-M).

21. Avoid prints from fast-fashion brands...but if you must, go with leopard.

Find a similar coat from H&M for $70 (available in sizes 2-16).

Get more style inspiration from Fake Leather.

22. And, make sure your makeup is on point. It can often be your best accessory.

Find a great red lip for $3 on Amazon.

Get more inspiration from @beautibylolita.