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34 Irresistible Pieces Of Inexpensive Jewelry

All that glitters does not cost all the gold.

1. These adorable earrings that are made of puuurrls.

2. This necklace because look at it, isn't it neat? Wouldn't your collection be complete?

3. This set of delicate rings that you can stack or wear individually.

4. These earrings that are the perfect pop of color on a dreary winter day.

5. This necklace that just wants you to hang in there.

6. This brooch set that'll be perfect for when you do that double-kiss, cool-girl greeting.

7. This bracelet that's so cute you could just eat it up.

8. These earrings that just do not give a f#@%.

9. These earrings that are absolute perfection and we cannot wait to add them to our shopping cart.

10. This gentle little bracelet that'll give you that something blue.

11. This choker that is a dainty rainbow of perfection.

12. This bracelet that costs a little extra but you already knew it would.

13. These earrings that remind us a little bit of Sailor Moon — and we love them for it.

14. This necklace that you'll never forget to put on.

15. These earrings that are earthy but also very chic.

16. These earrings that are worth all the tassel.

17. This ring that's adjustable to fit nearly every finger.

18. This delicate hand chain that'll have you covered from your finger to your wrist.

19. This statement necklace that'll have you sparkling all over town.

20. These earrings you can put on when you have nothing to wear and just decide, screw it!

21. This ring that'll give your finger its own version of a flower crown.

22. This choker that'll add just enough sparkle to your outfit.

23. These earrings that you can customize to whatever color combination your heart desires.

24. This set of casual bracelets that communicate all our hunger pangs.

25. These rings that are covered with velvety richness.

26. These earrings that are handmade to absolute perfection.

27. This necklace that'll give you all the flower power you need.

28. This bracelet that'll have you wearing your lucky charms on your sleeve.

29. This subtle statement necklace that's 3D and delightful.

30. These statement earrings that'll add just enough flair to your outfit.

31. This statement ring that isn't catty at all.

32. This cuff that could potentially keep your wrist warm this winter.

33. These earrings that are filled with confetti, making them a party for your ears.

34. And this choker that's a little glitter and a lot of style.

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