34 Irresistible Pieces Of Inexpensive Jewelry

All that glitters does not cost all the gold.

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1. These adorable earrings that are made of puuurrls.

Get them on Amazon for $11.

2. This necklace because look at it, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t your collection be complete?

Get it from Gerizim on Etsy for $16.

3. This set of delicate rings that you can stack or wear individually.

Get them at Forever 21 for $4.

Available in sizes 6, 7, and 8.

4. These earrings that are the perfect pop of color on a dreary winter day.

Get them at Mango for $16.

5. This necklace that just wants you to hang in there.

Get it on Amazon for $24.

6. This brooch set that’ll be perfect for when you do that double-kiss, cool-girl greeting.

Get them at Bauble Bar for $16.

7. This bracelet that’s so cute you could just eat it up.

Get it at From J Design on Etsy for $13.

8. These earrings that just do not give a f#@%.

Get them on Amazon for $4.

9. These earrings that are absolute perfection and we cannot wait to add them to our shopping cart.

They’re already there… We couldn’t wait!

Get them at Forever 21 for $7.

10. This gentle little bracelet that’ll give you that something blue.

Get it on Asos for $10.

11. This choker that is a dainty rainbow of perfection.

Get it at Forever 21 for $6.

12. This bracelet that costs a little extra but you already knew it would.

Get it from Rockaway Gypsea on Etsy starting at $20.

Available in copper or brass and with lowercase or uppercase lettering.

13. These earrings that remind us a little bit of Sailor Moon — and we love them for it.

Get them on Amazon for $7.

14. This necklace that you’ll never forget to put on.

Get it on Amazon for $11.

Available in gold, rose gold, and silver.

15. These earrings that are earthy but also very chic.

Get them at Mango for $10.

The matching necklace is also available for $20.

16. These earrings that are worth all the tassel.

Get them at H&M for $7.

17. This ring that’s adjustable to fit nearly every finger.

Get it at Bauble Bar for $18.

Also available in Amazonite.

18. This delicate hand chain that’ll have you covered from your finger to your wrist.

Get it from Majestic Encounters on Etsy for $12.

Available in customized lengths and ring sizes.

19. This statement necklace that’ll have you sparkling all over town.

Get it on Amazon for $16.

Available with white or black settings.

20. These earrings you can put on when you have nothing to wear and just decide, screw it!

Get the set of three for $10 or each individually for $8.

21. This ring that’ll give your finger its own version of a flower crown.

Get it at Asos for $13.

22. This choker that’ll add just enough sparkle to your outfit.

Get it at Forever 21 for $11.

23. These earrings that you can customize to whatever color combination your heart desires.

Get them from Eat Da Rich on Etsy for $20.

Available in a wide variety of color combinations.

24. This set of casual bracelets that communicate all our hunger pangs.

Get the set at Forever 21 for $7.

25. These rings that are covered with velvety richness.

Get them at Forever 21 for $5.

Available in S/M and M/L.

26. These earrings that are handmade to absolute perfection.

Get them from Biulu Artisan Boutique on Etsy for $23.

27. This necklace that’ll give you all the flower power you need.

Get it from Mango for $13.

28. This bracelet that’ll have you wearing your lucky charms on your sleeve.

Get it at H&M for $10.

Available in S/M and M/L.

29. This subtle statement necklace that’s 3D and delightful.

Get it at Torrid for $23.

30. These statement earrings that’ll add just enough flair to your outfit.

Get them at H&M for $25.

31. This statement ring that isn’t catty at all.

Get it at H&M for $10.

Available in S/M and M/L.

32. This cuff that could potentially keep your wrist warm this winter.

Get it at Mango for $13.

33. These earrings that are filled with confetti, making them a party for your ears.

Get them at Forever 21 for $5.

34. And this choker that’s a little glitter and a lot of style.

Get it at H&M for $4.

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