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    41 Comfortable Things That'll Probably Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks

    Who knew comfy could look so good?!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A super soft and ultra-cozy knit turtleneck dress you can perfectly pair with your favorite over-the-knee boots.

    2. A pair of super opaque high-waisted leggings to replace your favorite pair that have a giant split in the crotch.

    3. A fluffy fleece pullover to throw on in lieu of walking out in public wrapped in a blanket.

    4. An oversized, bat-sleeved tunic top so you can have that slouchy, "I woke up looking flawless" style.

    5. A pair of ultra-plush and fluffy slippers to keep you looking glam and feeling cozy while you run around your house.

    6. A pack of thick and cozy wool blend socks that kinda look like what fall would look like if fall were socks and not a season.

    7. A pair of ultra-comfortable waterproof rain boots, because your feet are already trekking through the rain — the least you can do is put them in a cute pair of boots.

    8. A comfy leopard print crew neck T-shirt for the purrrfect addition to your T-shirt and jeans uniform.

    9. A decadent cashmere blanket scarf that'll keep you warm and cozy since wearing actual blankets isn't exactly socially acceptable.

    10. A velvet cami for when you need something ultra soft but also totally badass.

    11. A tie-waist batwing sweater dress — now that those temps have dropped you're gonna be so happy you have this in your fashion arsenal.

    12. A plush fleece robe, because not all heroes wear capes — some wear comfy robes while they make lunches, load the dishwasher, put on flawless makeup, and rule the world.

    13. A flowy and ruffled babydoll dress you can perfectly pair with your favorite knee-high boots.

    14. A pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings for when you need that stretchy elasticity but also need to look like a total boss.

    15. A ruched long-sleeve T-shirt dress that'll look amazing dressed up with heels or down with your favorite sneakers.

    16. A pack of 45 velvet scrunchies — one for every day of the month and then some.

    17. A flowy long-sleeve T-shirt dress to have the perfect outfit for every buffet you ever visit.

    18. An oversized thermal top you'll quickly fall in love with and buy in every color — it honestly might be the perfect fall shirt.

    19. A pair of paper bag waist slacks you know would look so cute with a crop top, maybe even too cute?

    20. A cuddle-worthy and lightweight cotton-blend V-neck sweater that's basically the momma bear version of sweaters because it's not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

    21. A flowy button-up maxi dress so you can look elegant while feeling free.

    22. A pack of lively cotton-blend crew socks that'll have your feet stepping in cozy, colorful comfort all day long.

    23. An investment-worthy Barefoot Dreams cardigan that over 2,000 people at Nordstrom won't stop raving about — it's soft, cozy, cuddly, and you won't regret buying it!

    24. A pair of faux-leather flats designed with a rubber sole so you can be comfy (and slip-free) all day — because we all know how much of a hazard a wet leaf can be.

    25. A three-quarter-sleeve midi dress designed with not one, not two, but THREE pockets! Yes, you're welcome.

    26. A reversible faux cashmere shawl so you can drape yourself in luxurious blends of fancy fabrics.

    27. A lightweight maxi duster coat to throw on over your favorite T-shirt and jeans.

    28. A pair of super comfy black ankle booties your everyday uniform will welcome with open arms — and if black is not your thing, they come in 52 colors and styles!!! FIFTY-TWO!

    29. A faux-shearling oversized jacket to have you looking — and feeling — like the chicest teddy bear the world has ever known.

    30. A knitted turtleneck poncho easily belted or worn loose for a totally stylish and comfy fall ensemble.

    31. An oversized no-pilling scarf you might just have to share with your favorite roommate.

    32. An oversized sweatshirt tunic that can also be found in the dictionary next to the definition of "comfortable" — seriously, look it up! I'll wait here.

    33. A buttery-soft button-down blouse designed in a variety of vibrant colors and prints to help bring your outfit to life.

    34. A plush hooded cardigan coat you could probably use as a robe but will definitely wear as a cushy jacket.

    35. A pair of ultra-comfy and lightweight sneakers that are all the rage right now — dress them up with your favorite midi dress or down with your go-to jeans, they'll always look cute!

    36. A linen button-up coat (or a dress if you wanna get crazy) for when you need to layer up but don't necessarily need a heavy-duty coat.

    37. A pullover hoodie dress, because what's better than a sweatshirt you can pass off as a dress?

    38. An elegant cashmere and wool shawl to help you stay warm and looking classy as the temperatures drop.

    39. A pair of actually walkable block-heel pumps, because sometimes you wanna wear heels, and all the time you don't want to be in total pain when you do it.

    40. A faux-fur leopard-print jacket to help you make a meowvelous statement anywhere you go.

    41. A plush down parka jacket to help keep you looking fab — even if that fabulous means being outside in nature and freezing.

    And for all of you guys about to start complaining in the comments...

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