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    32 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

    From fun party skirts to waffle bowl makers to amazing winter reading materials: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An encouraging little book filled with affirmations and pep talks to help remind you of just how awesome you are!

    Promising review: "I expected nothing except delightful wordplay from Lin-Manuel Miranda, but between the genuine feeling of being seen and understood that these little pep talks give the reader and the humorous, perfectly suited illustrations by Jonny Sun, Gmorning, Gnight is one of those books that I'll read over and over again. I pre-ordered and received my copy today...and I finished it in one sitting. Please buy a copy for yourself, your friends, or whoever the heck in your life or on the subway who needs a smile. So happy." —Rachel

    Get it from Amazon for $13.20 (also available in Spanish).

    2. A pack of collagen-infused eye masks so you can combat your lack-of-sleep look and any other general under-eye puffiness.,

    Promising review: "This product is a MUST for anyone who struggles with puffy/dark under eyes! I have horrible under-eye bags thanks to poor genetics and wearing eyeglasses my entire life. At some point, I'm going to have plastic surgery but I will be using these eye masks every day until I can afford the time and money for the surgery. I've enclosed an ugly (but very honest) picture of the before and after results from using this product this morning. I woke up and immediately applied the eye mask. I then wore it for about 25 minutes under my eyeglasses while I went about my household chores until the pads completely dried. When I removed the mask, my under-eye area was looking way less puffy and much brighter than when I woke up. I love this product so much that I'm ordering five more packages today so I have a supply handy." —Mrs L

    Get two packs of 30 from Amazon for $3.99.

    3. A set of lace trimmed cotton undies, because new year — new underwear!

    Promising review: "These are really nice. Nice quality fabric and I love the lace. Like most reviewers, I noticed I didn't receive any of the colors shown in Amazon promo but the colors are still nice. I would definitely reorder and hope I actually get some of the purple, polka dots, or pink lace. As stated in the description, colors and patterns may vary." —chauncieR

    Get a five-pack from Amazon for $14.99 (available in sizes S-XL).

    4. A coloring book filled with 37 of the most notorious serial killers the world has ever known...and you get to bring them to life with your mad coloring skills.,

    Promising review: "This book is amazing!!!! I wasn’t sure what I’d get, but I took a chance. This exceeded my expectations! It’s a must-have for any serial killer fan. The illustrations sum up the murder history so well." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.92.

    5. A cozy sweatshirt for anyone who would rather taste the meat and not the heat.

    Promising review: "Looks like a real product that would be made for employees of the finest retailer of propane and propane accessories." —pubsalub

    Get it from Amazon for $22 (available in sizes S-XL and in 10 colors; also available as a T-shirt).

    6. A 24k-gold-surface face massager designed to gently vibrate and promote blood circulation, said to activate your skin cells' metabolism, restoring skin firmness and elasticity, and to help prevent fine lines.,

    Promising review: "I love this little gadget. It’s not the highest quality. Sometimes I have to give it a shake and a tap in my palm for it to start, but it gives results! I purchased it to help my poor sinus drainage that easily leads to headaches. It really gave instant relief to sinus pain. I use it for three to five minutes morning and night. I’m only six days in and not only have I found relief from sinus headaches, but I’ve also noticed a great change in my skin tone and texture. I put on vitamin C oil before I use the beauty bar to help it glide on my skin. I’ve been putting the vitamin C oil on nightly long prior to use of the beauty bar. So I can only attribute the changes I see to the beauty bar. Great results for such an affordable tool! The attached photo is before I started using the beauty bar on left and after six days of twice daily use on the right." —R.J.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (requires one AA battery).

    7. A comfy 100% cotton unisex T-shirt — I know what I'm wearing to the Women's March this year!

    Promising review: "I grew a mustache as soon as I ordered it. Once it arrived I had already built a new dresser by hand for it. This shirt will change your life." —Max Fill

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in sizes S-5XL).

    8. A motherf#@%in' waffle bowl maker. Ice cream sundaes? More like ice cream fundaes with this bad boy!

    Promising review: "I never knew I needed this little appliance until I tried it. (And it is little!) I have been 100% gluten-free for 10 years or so for health reasons, and I really miss having waffle cones with my ice cream. Well, I miss it no longer. This magical device heats up quickly and converts GF waffle/pancake mix (I use the Hungry Jack brand mix with sprinkles) into a hot, crispy, wonderful waffle bowl. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have a switch or slider to adjust heat/doneness, so you just have to use trial and error to determine how long to leave the bowl cooking for. But this is not bad enough to reduce my five-star rating." —Autumn Sky

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in pink, blue, and red).

    9. A growth-promoting lash serum you apply like you would your favorite mascara to get help reduce fallout and promote thickness and length of your eyelashes.,

    Promising review: "I was super skeptical of this product at first because of the price, BUT HOLY HELL DOES THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORK. LIKE, DAMN. I had it for over a week now, and I've been using it consistently day and night. I first use it like a mascara on my top and bottom lashes, and because it hasn't bothered my eyes at all, I then use my ring finger and gently rub it into my lash base, with my eyes closed of course. I've seen serious improvement: lots of new lash growth, the lashes I already had are longer and fuller-looking, and I'm no longer having an issue with my lashes falling out as often as they were. I've also been using it on my eyebrows, since I'm definitely guilty of over-plucking, and it's working just as well on them too." —ItsGrey

    Get it from Amazon for $6.94.

    10. A stainless steel and silicone base grater prep bowl complete with everything to grate up to 5 quarts of cheese — except the cheese, of course.


    Includes 5-quart stainless steel bowl, lid, and three grating plates.

    Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful line, exclusively at Macy's for $23.99.

    11. A delightful five-year journal that has you answer one question every day of the year and come back to the same questions on the same day for five years.

    Promising review: "I love this journal. I'm not the person to keep a diary, but I always love to reminisce on past memories. This is the perfect median. Some questions are very thought-provoking ('Are you in love?' 'Who are you fooling?') and some are a little lighter ('What's in your fridge right now?' 'Are you wearing socks?'). If you answer these with one word, you're probably not going to have fun with this journal or have anything to really look back on. If you go in depth with your answers (i.e., 'Are you wearing socks?' 'Yes! Two! My heater broke and it's a blizzard!'), you'll be able to really have something to look back on. All and all, I'm seven months into this journal and I love it so much. I'm excited to continue filling it out for the next four and half years!" —Kiersten

    Check out our full review here!

    Get it from Amazon for $13.86.

    12. A cushioned foam acupressure mat and pillow set, because it's literally impossible to function at your full potential when you're suffering from neck and back pain.

    Promising review: "This thing is awesome! Yes, it can hurt, especially on those really tight areas, but I love it anyway. You can feel the blood start racing through your body, great for circulation. Takes a few minutes to adjust your body to the right position when lying on your back. I lie on it all different ways. Pull your legs up when on your back to get the middle of your back and spine. I love standing on it — the hip area hurts but I do it anyway. If you're really a trooper, kneel on it. I use it almost every day and I only wear underwear when I use it. This was a great price and it came with a bolster pillow. I've ordered more for friends." —Kelly

    Get the set from Amazon for $17.20+ (available in seven colors).

    13. A delightful pleated fit-and-flare midi dress to take you from office-appropriate to dinner date with just the change of a shoe.

    Promising review: "This red dress is thick yet has a beautiful drape to it. The sleeves are lantern-shaped and have a cute ruffle detail on the edge. The pintucks in the front and back are placed in the perfect spot to accentuate the waist. The dress fits like a glove. It is a bit longer on me than the model (I am 5'2" for reference). A perfect dress for Valentine's Day or the holidays!" —ruth maldonado

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL and in 10 colors).

    14. An inspiring vinyl wall decal that'll be your daily reminder to leave your house and kick some serious ass.,

    Promising review: "Holds up well, easy to apply, long-lasting, and easy to remove when done. I used this in a classroom on the front whiteboard. Easily applied early in the school year — bold/solid black. Stayed up with no problem. Easily removed at the end of the school year. I would buy again, the quality was good and the words are NOT individual letters that you have to apply one at a time. The whole phrase is on clear cellophane that you apply all at once and then remove the cellophane. So easy!" —M. Brooks

    Get it from Amazon for $1.99.

    15. A set of Golden Girls shot glasses — the perfect way to thank anyone for being a friend.

    Promising review: "Bought for a friend. Absolutely wonderful! Came in great shape and just as pictured. Shipped timely as well. I recommend getting this product if you are a fan of the show and enjoy a fun little drinking game." —Inigo montoya

    Get the set of four from Amazon for $19.99.

    16. A comfy and totally cozy turtleneck midi dress easily worn alone or layered's a chic AF number you'll throw on in a million ways.

    Promising review: "As others have mentioned, this fabric is soft, stretchy, and lovely. I ended up ordering a second one of these because it was nicer than expected." —P. Bennett

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in sizes XS-2XL and in 14 colors).

    17. A copy of Becoming by Michelle Obama — it provides an inspiring look into the former FLOTUS's life and the journey she took into becoming the icon so many see her as today.

    Promising review: "I started reading and couldn't put it down, finished it literally 24 hours after delivery. Michelle Robinson Obama's story is one of challenges met, hard work tempered with good sense, and above all, how a few key people can support a young girl and elevate her, so that she, in turn, can elevate others. It is a wonderful, heartfelt, true story of HOPE in a world gone far too cynical." —Linda L. Leiby

    Get it from Amazon for $19.50.

    18. A portable Bluetooth speaker designed with a hands-free function, built-in mic, and enhanced bass.

    Promising review: "I. Love. This. Speaker!! First of all it is GORGEOUS! I got it in the rose gold, which is the same as my iPhone, and it is soo cute! It has a matte finish, a very pleasant and satisfying shape, large touch power-on, volume, and pairing-up buttons on the underside, and an adorable blue light ring around the base that helps it communicate with my Echo Dot (which I bought it specifically to pair with). Pairing the two was pretty easy and this is coming from a non-tech-minded person. The sound...the SOUND is incredible!! It is so small and portable, so delicious to look at, and plays music so well that I would not hesitate to get more as gifts, especially for the price." —Helene N.

    Check out some of our other picks for best portable speakers at every price point on BuzzFeed Reviews.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in silver, gold, and black).

    19. A set of RFID-blocking passport and credit card sleeves for a simple and effective way to help prevent identity theft.

    Promising review: "The sleeves work people! I used this during a trip to London last December and I know these sleeves work. The London tube has a tap feature for credit cards. When I tried tapping with the sleeve on, no dice; without, it worked. I also liked having both vertical/horizontal openings for the cards and passports. The only negative is that the folds are inside the card, and the card can catch on the edges sometimes. But it's a small nuisance that didn't happen every time. Also, I came back having swiped my card dozens of times and there were no surprise charges. I would definitely buy again." —Hiasom

    Get a pack of 16 from Amazon for $8.99 (available in black and gray).

    20. An elegant tulle midi skirt designed with an elastic waist, A-line cut, and flowing lining to help make it the comfiest and most *practical* skirt you'll own.

    Promising review: "Love the skirt. Got lots of compliments. I am a size 12 and it was just a little tight." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99 (available in one size fits some and four colors).

    21. A cool-mist essential oil diffuser and seven-color LED light everyone will be pin(eapple)ing over.,

    Promising review: "I love the essential oil diffuser! It is so cute in the pineapple shape and holy cow does it work! It is so quiet and amazing sometimes I even forget to turn it off. I am very happy with this purchase!" —A.J.

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    22. A compact eyelash curler designed with open sides so that it leaves you with perfectly curled lashes that last all day long — and it won't ever pinch your eyelids.

    Promising review: "I bought this on 4/1/15. Over the past 30 years, I have searched and tried any curler I could find. I’ve spent a lot on heated ones and expensive cosmetic line curlers, and I have purchased very inexpensive ones. This is my favorite. I haven’t tried any others since I bought this because I love this one. It finally broke today, after almost two years of use, so I just ordered another. It is compact and fits into my makeup bag. It is easy to use, once you get used to the difference from the common scissor-type of curler. You need to apply only the gentlest of pressure. Most important, it makes a beautifully curled lash that stays all day." —meandersons

    Get it from Amazon for $12.35 (available in black and pink).

    23. A colorful sequined pencil skirt you'll be able to wear through the new year.

    Promising review: "Looks just like the picture. Nice material, not thin or see-through. Can't wait to wear it. I ordered a small. It's a little bit longer than the photo but not really noticeable. I'm 5'2" and 137 lbs." —Kendra Jones

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in six colors).

    24. A monthly subscription to some awesome K-beauty face masks — it's like having glowing skin delivered right to your door!

    The subscription includes four essential fabric masks every month as well as an insert with helpful tips and information to get the very best out of the month's masks — all packed into an adorable resealable bag.

    Promising review: "This set was awesome, and the box it came in was very nicely packaged. The variety in brands and specialties of the mask were very well-curated and it's a nice set to add to a collection or for someone who wants to get into masking. My only problem with it was I wish it gave the individual prices of each mask and the ability to re-buy a mask if I liked it. I should also add that I have sensitive skin and eczema." —Christina

    Get your first box for $6.23+ (available in boxes of four and seven).

    25. A fantastic pop-up book that transforms into a real working planetarium projecting the constellations, a musical instrument complete with strings for strumming, a geometric drawing generator, an infinite calendar, a message decoder, and a speaker that amplifies sound.

    Promising review: "As impossible as it seems, this brilliant book allows its reader to manipulate scientific concepts like light, sound, time, and space. It provides teachers, parents, grandparents, librarians, children, and unaccompanied adults the opportunity to play and learn without pain. Each person who makes up a secret code, or creates kaleidoscopic art using the spirograph, or figures out which day birthdays will be three years hence, or projects accurate constellations onto the ceiling cannot help but be entranced! The book's vivid colors are beautiful. The paper pop-ups are sturdy. And the reader is treated to concise explanations matching these ingenious inventions. It is a great buy for active thinkers, though it requires a smartphone or a flashlight, plus pens and blank paper, to fully enjoy all of the contraptions within. It is an irresistible treat for all ages." —Dottie Dunnam

    Get it from Amazon for $27.19.

    26. A sparkling set of gorgeous hair pins, because sometimes your updo just wants to have fun.

    Promising review: "Super great! Bought these for my wedding and they were amazing. Super easy to pin in and stay in place. Little bigger than I thought but still great! I bought two packages and would highly recommend." —Natasha

    Get it from Amazon for $6.88 (available in gold, rose gold, and silver).

    27. A three-speed, eight-feature, deep-kneading Shiatsu massager perfect for your back, neck, legs, feet, head, and shoulders, knees, and toes...knees and toes.

    Promising review: "This was a little gift for my mom. She's always complaining about her neck and shoulders being so tense and not comfortable. After using this massager, she feels so good and so relaxed. She did mention that she needs to put on the heat option in order to have it feel like a deep massage." —TJ

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in three colors).

    28. A pair of vintage-inspired tassel earrings that'll look like a million bucks but are actually less than $5.

    Promising review: "Yes, they’re smaller than the average trendy tassel earrings. But they’re so pretty, and the smaller size makes it work for more daytime looks (in my opinion)." —Monica P.

    Get it from Amazon for $1.99+ (available in three colors).

    29. A freakin' Marauder's Map guide to Hogwarts complete with a magical freakin' wand!

    Promising review: "I purchased this for my son for his 9th birthday because we are currently reading the books together. He is absolutely thrilled with it! I find him using the wand and book EVERY day! It is well made and well written. Very, very pleased!" —April Miller

    Get it from Amazon for $11.85.

    30. A comfy, stretchy T-shirt that tells it like it is.

    Are you gonna tell me that the perfectly harmonized voices of All-4-One reminding you of how you were read Cinderella, and how you hoped it would come true, that one day your Prince Charming would come...rescue you doesn't just remind you of 9-year-old you singing into the mirror imagining Nick Carter taking you to prom? No? Just me? Or how you like romantic movies and how you will never forget the way you felt when Romeo kissed Juliet?

    Promising review: "This shirt definitely runs small. I recommend ordering a size up!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in white, black, and gray).

    31. An adorable little eye mask filled with a removable ice bag — you're about to be relaxing like a koala in a eucalyptus tree.

    Promising review: "My daughter had been in search of a 'cozy' sleep mask since her other one was lost. She finally found this one and was so excited to get it! It didn't disappoint. She's been using it every night for a few weeks now and it's holding up great! It's really comfortable for her. So glad she found this!" —Terri

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in four designs).

    32. And a totally nostalgic makeup pin — you either get this and are totally laughing right now or you don't.

    Pinetration818 on Etsy

    Get it from Pinetration818 on Etsy for $5.

    I don't wanna hear that you don't like anything on this list!

    Deedle-Dee Productions

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