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    31 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

    From Ron Swanson dishwasher magnets to chess sets to perfect fall booties: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

    1. A UV coated dishwasher magnet, because who better to tell you if your dishes are dirty or clean than Ron Swanson?

    2. A freakin' cozy AF oversized faux shearling jacket to keep you as snug as a bug this fall.

    3. A six drawer tea organizer designed to fit 15 tea bags in each drawer — gone are the days of loose tea bags scattered throughout your drawers and cabinets.

    4. A T-shirt. Are you original? (yeah) Are you the only one? (yeah) Are you sexual? (yeah) Are you everything anyone needs? Then you better rock this now. Everybody. Rock your body and this shirt. Everybody. Rock your body right.

    5. A delicate sterling-silver ring you can layer with other rings when you're on the go and just want to throw something cute on.

    6. A lantern sleeve mini dress to dress up or down — basically, it'll be comfy enough for your Thanksgiving dinner plans and dressy enough not to get you judged by your opinionated relatives.

    7. A freakin' magical AF book filled with quizzes to really test out your Harry Potter knowledge.

    8. A delightful oversized sweater covered in everyone's favorite primate — the lemur.

    9. A pack of fridge braces that'll stop your favorite bottles from rolling around the inside of your fridge.

    10. A cotton button-up blouse for anyone who likes to wear their lips on their sleeve — or lipstick.

    11. A leather belt fanny pack to have everything within arms reach when you're running around town.

    12. An awesome magnetic travel chess set, because it's time to put the Candy Crush down and play a game with an actual IRL human.

    13. A silicone handle infusion pitcher designed to help you make delicious, fancy AF water with fresh fruit, veggies, herbs or spices.

    14. An adorable Boba clutch to satisfy your cravings for cute bags and delicious drinks.

    15. A 12-foot string of LED lights perfect for helping you set the mood when you want to avocuddle.

    16. A silicone loofah brush that'll give your skin a gentle exfoliation while you get sparkling clean.

    17. A knitted layered sweater with everything you need to get that "I'm totally put together" look and not your actual "I woke up five minutes ago" look.

    18. A pop-up version of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas to have on hand for all your favorite holidays — Halloween and Christmas.

    19. A cozy knitted poncho you can throw on over your favorite leggings after you really enjoy the festivities this Thanksgiving.

    20. A bright and inspiring James Baldwin votive candle to help remind you of the wonderful lessons you can learn from the iconic author.

    21. A long 3/4 sleeve open blazer that might just be the missing fall piece you've been needing in your closet.

    22. A delightful little garlic twist who wants to ::in my best vampire accent:: crush your garlic.

    23. A tie-waist, super soft midi dress easily layered with all your favorite fall pieces.

    24. An informative book that'll help you learn about anxiety and the tools you need to combat it.

    25. A Homesick Mexico candle, because I miss home and so I'm gonna light this and scream out ay ay ya ya canta no llores as loud as I can.

    26. A very geeky enamel pin you shouldn't be spectacle about buying,

    27. A bathtub hair catcher designed to prevent clogs by catching hair with its unique pegs before it heads down the drain and a basket that catches any missed hairs.

    28. A pair of chunky heel booties that'll be your go-to shoe from now until the sun comes back out...and maybe even a little after that.

    29. An adorable elephant shaped storage box with a built-in drainer, making it perfect for holding your toothbrush or just washed cutlery.

    30. A comfy, cute, easy to throw on T-shirt you can thank me about later.

    31. And this awesome Coco inspired candle, because it's freakin' the best movie ever created.

    Before I send you off, here's a gif of Dante sneezing as proof!

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