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    13 Seriously Impressive Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour

    It's time to hit you with some facts.

    1. Taylor was already breaking records on the first night of the Reputation Tour. She performed a sold out show at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, beating the stadium's attendance record previously held by One Direction.

    2. In fact, according to Pollstar, she sold out at least the first three shows of the tour and has grossed on average $7 million per night.

    Kevin Mazur

    To put that in perspective, the 1989 World Tour grossed an average of $4.7 million a night, and was the highest-grossing single-year North American Tour of all time.

    3. Apparently, that kind of average gross puts Taylor in a league with bands like the Rolling Stones and Guns 'N' Roses.

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    4. She may be playing fewer shows than on her previous tours, but since she's playing stadiums instead of arenas, Taylor is performing to significantly more fans.

    5. With her Denver, Colorado show on 25 May, Taylor became the first woman ever to headline at the Mile High Stadium, which has staged concerts for almost seventeen years.

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    6. And she also broke the gross record at that venue – which had previously been held by U2 – by a casual $1.2 million.

    7. Taylor made history at her second show in Dublin, Ireland on 16 June when she became the first woman to ever headline more than one show at Croke Park stadium.

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    That just so happened to be her thirteenth show of the tour which, if you know anything about Taylor, you'll know is a big deal. She even had her mom, Andrea, draw a lucky 13 on her hand for the show, just like the old days.

    8. And she was only the fourth woman to play a concert at the stadium in its 134-year history, joining a list made up of Tina Turner, Celine Dion, and Beyoncé.

    9. Taylor has also used the huge success of her tour to do some good deeds: For her final dress rehearsal, she invited more than 2,000 adopted and foster children and their families to watch the show for free.

    10. And at each show she dedicates her performance of "Dress" to Loie Fuller, a revolutionary dancer and actress who created the "Serpentine Dance" in the late 1800s.

    Not only is the snake-y imagery very on-brand for the Reputation Tour, but Taylor's dedication praises her for "fighting for artists to own their work". After Fuller's death, her longtime partner took legal action against other dancers who had used Fuller's name to further their own careers. Sound familiar?

    11. The production for the Reputation Tour is so huge that it takes 80 trucks to carry the equipment from venue to venue.

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    According to the production company behind the tour, each venue is set up in four hours and taken down in even less time.

    12. The main stage is 110 feet tall – the biggest Taylor has ever performed on – and according to Taylor herself the two smaller stages at the back of the venue are "pretty much as big as the main stage on the 1989 Tour".

    The show also incorporates fireworks, giant inflatable snakes, an actual working fountain, and two cages Taylor uses to fly over the audience at various points.

    13. And, just like at her 1989 Tour, each fan is given a light-up bracelet upon entering the stadium. The bracelets flash different colours in time to different songs, turning the whole stadium into a light show.

    Queen of putting on a show!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👑