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    16 Secrets About Taylor Swift's "Reputation" Tour, From Taylor Swift Herself

    It's going to be one hell of a show.

    For the last ~13 days,~ (because of course,) Taylor Swift has been counting down to her Reputation world tour by revealing a fact about the show. Here they all are.

    1. The opening of the tour is apparently so incredible that it's the dancers' favourite number to perform.

    2. There will be three stages on the tour so that Taylor can get as close to her fans as possible.

    3. The main stage, which is 110 feet tall, is the biggest Taylor Swift has ever performed on during a tour.

    4. In fact, the number and size of the stages means that Taylor will have to use a "rocket sled" to get from A to B quickly.

    5. There's also a video screen that continues down onto the floor, which apparently looks cool but is very difficult to walk on.

    6. Despite this being the Reputation tour, Taylor will be performing a total of TEN SONGS from previous albums.

    7. Taylor is also going to play two songs on the PIANO. The first is a track from Reputation, the second is an older song.

    8. Bonus fact – Taylor shared this photo of herself rehearsing at the piano on Instagram with the caption: "I want your midnights," which implies that the Reputation piano song will be "New Year's Day."

    9. The backstage room where carefully selected fans will meet Taylor after the show is called the ~Rep Room.~

    10. And inside, there's a podium covered with snakes, a sofa surrounded with movie posters starring Taylor, and a very regal looking throne.

    11. The merch looks pretty badass – there's a lot of oversized, ripped streetwear, skulls and snakes, obviously.

    12. Taylor has counted eight costume changes throughout the show, and shared these close up snippets of some of the clothes she'll be wearing.

    13. Taylor will be using not one, not two but seven different microphones during the show.

    14. Taylor has paid attention to every last detail of the show – even down to the confetti, which are mini sheets of newspaper.

    15. As people file out at the end of the show, a blooper reel of moments from the tour rehearsals will be shown.

    16. And, finally, Taylor revealed that she is more excited about this tour than any of her previous ones.

    Roll on tonight.