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    Here's Why It's So Sad That Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Broke Up

    Love is dead, RIP.

    It was reported Wednesday that pop music's perfect couple, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, have ended their relationship. And we are sad about it.

    1. Tayvin was't just your run-of-the-mill celebrity couple. Tayvin was real.

    2. They even went out on double dates with one of Taylor's ex-boyfriends, which is a definite indicator of a strong relationship.

    3. There's nothing cuter than the moment they went public at the Billboard Music Awards. LOOK AT THE WAY HE HOLDS HER.

    4. For the first time, Taylor felt like she could be candidly honest about her relationship, thanking Calvin (~Adam~) during this acceptance speech.

    5. She was so proud of her boyfriend that she posted a photo of him on Instagram, with the excuse that she was wishing her BFF a happy birthday.

    6. Calvin spent time with Taylor's family over Christmas. They built snowmen together. If that's not love, then WHAT IS??

    7. Taylor was the ultimate supportive girlfriend, like when she posted this video on Instagram of Calvin and Rihanna performing together at Coachella.

    8. Look how proud she is watching him perform. 😭😭😭

    9. And Calvin was equally as supportive. He even babysat Taylor's cats while she was busy elsewhere.

    10. He also tweeted this when Taylor wrote a letter to Apple Music, forcing them to change their policy regarding payment of artists.

    11. They did what any normal couple would do, and posted cutesy PDA photos of themselves on a tropical vacation.

    12. They even wrote their initials in the sand, a surefire sign of true love if ever there was one.

    13. They shut down past breakup rumours in the best, shadiest way possible: Twitter faves.

    14. Seriously, they just seemed so damn happy. She even gushed about Calvin in an interview with Vogue, calling their relationship "magical".

    15. They celebrated their first anniversary back in March with a cake, and it was completely adorable.

    16. And Calvin gifted Taylor this necklace, which was engraved with the date they became a couple.

    17. A different date – the date they met – also appears on this sign just inside the front door of Taylor's house in L.A. It says, "You have successfully buried yourself inside my head."

    18. And during the same segment for Vogue, Taylor revealed that Calvin had planted an olive tree in her garden for Christmas.

    19. Basically, Tayvin was the epitome of relationship goals. And it's completely devastating that it's over.

    RIP, Tayvin. It was perfect while it lasted. πŸ˜­πŸ’–