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    Calvin Harris Stayed At Home With Taylor Swift's Cats While She Partied With Joe Jonas

    While Taylor's away, the cats will play...

    Last night, Joe Jonas uploaded this picture to his Instagram account after girlfriend (and member of Taylor Swift's Squad) Gigi Hadid threw him a surprise early birthday party at the StubHub Center in Los Angeles.

    It's Taylor!

    And judging by Snapchats from model Devon Windsor, who was also at the party, Tay was having a pretty great time...

    You're probably wondering who was taking care of Taylor's cats while all this fun was going on.

    Well, it turns out Meredith and Olivia were also having a great night – with Taylor's current bae, Calvin Harris.

    The singer and music producer posted several videos of Taylor's cats to his Snapchat...

    Proving that he's definitely a keeper.

    And obviously, fans of the couple were like, "RIP me".

    Calvin Harris posted snapchat stories of Taylor swifts cats omg my heart

    #Tayvin forever.

    ABC / Via

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