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    23 TV Shows That Are Actually Worth The Hype

    Seriously, what are you waiting for?

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which TV show they think actually lives up to the hype. Here are some of their best and most popular responses.

    1. Breaking Bad


    Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

    "The first few episodes are a bit slow, but stick with it. There's a reason why it's considered one of the greatest shows of all time, and it's well deserved. Every season got better and crazier than the previous one. Bryan Cranston made me sympathise with a former chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin, Aaron Paul was heartbreaking as Jesse, and the rest of the cast just made that show incredible."

    Submitted by Marissa Driscoll, Facebook.

    2. Game of Thrones


    Watch on: HBO Now

    "I was one of those people who couldn’t be bothered getting into it after three seasons because there seemed a lot to catch up on. I gave it a try, then binged three seasons in two months just in time for the fourth season to start. Then I read all the books."

    Submitted by KalDodgson.

    3. Jane the Virgin

    The CW

    Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

    "As a twenty-something Hispanic woman, it's a breath of fresh air to see someone who looks like me going through some similar struggles, familial nuances, and more. It's a satirical telenovela and it's heartwarming, dramatic, romantic, and hilarious."

    Submitted by Brianna Jiménez, Facebook.

    4. The 100

    The CW

    Watch on: Netflix US, Australia, Canada, and more

    "On first glance it looks like just another rubbish post apocalyptic teen drama, but damn does it get good. The plot is plausible, and the characters are very well-written and well-rounded. It's essentially a show about morals, diplomacy and what it takes to survive and it is addictive as hell."

    Submitted by Sara Ward, Facebook.

    5. Bob's Burgers


    Watch on: Netflix US

    "It's clever, funny, and kind. The humour isn't found in being nasty or so topical that it's dated, but it is still edgy and fresh. I love it so much."

    Submitted by Mark Henry, Facebook.

    6. Firefly


    Watch on: Netflix US, UK, Australia, and more

    "I will go to my grave swearing up and down that Firefly is one of the most unique, brilliant, wonderful shows to ever appear on television. There is literally nothing else like it. An existential space western shouldn't work and yet it does so perfectly. The fandom was even able to help make a follow up movie happen a couple years later, in order to continue the story and address unanswered questions."

    Submitted by Katie Erickson, Facebook.

    7. Sherlock


    Watch on: Netflix Worldwide, BBC Store

    "I never thought I'd have any interest in it but after I finally made myself watch the first episode, I was hooked. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are brilliant actors and their chemistry is so perfect. There's just the right amount of humour to keep it light. It's seriously one of the most well-written, well-acted shows on TV."

    Submitted by Brandy Townsend, Facebook.

    8. Outlander


    Watch on: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix France, Germany, and more

    "It is fantastic in every way. The costumes are amazing, the storyline, the cast, the acting. You really can't go wrong with this show. Claire is such an amazing badass, Jamie is just a beautiful gentleman, and the main villain is just so bad and yet so human. It's just. So. Good."

    Submitted by Erinne Beachler, Facebook.

    9. The Wire


    Watch on: HBO Now

    "I didn't watch it until it was over, so the hype was immense, but it turns out it really is the best show ever."

    Submitted by Matt Ball, Facebook.

    10. Orphan Black

    BBC America

    Watch on: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix UK, Australia, and more

    "One person playing so many characters, the intricate plot lines, the moments of side splitting hilarity, and heartbreaking emotion all make it such a fun series to binge on. Don’t be fooled by the Netflix blurb, Orphan Black is a televisual masterpiece."

    Submitted by johnnyh419b44471.

    11. Shameless (US)


    Watch on: Showtime Anytime, Netflix Australia, and more

    "I think every actor on that show nails their character. It balances comedy and drama better then any other show on TV right now. You relate to the Gallaghers and root for them even when they are completely fucking up their lives."

    Submitted by Melinda Acito, Facebook.

    12. The Good Wife


    Watch on: CBS All Access, Netflix UK, Canada, and more

    "Easily the best show that has aired in the last few years, and is actually better than most people think it is."

    Submitted by Matt Cormier, Facebook.

    13. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


    Watch on: Netflix US, Canada, Brazil, and more

    "I didn’t watch it when it was actually on TV, and I never watched it up until a couple months ago. I had always heard that it was an awesome show, and I never thought it would be something I would like, but boy was I wrong! It’s awesome! Kinda cheesy, but totally worth it, and I’m hooked."

    Submitted by Raegan Aasted.

    14. Grey's Anatomy


    Watch on: Netflix US, Canada, Brazil, and more

    "I didn't watch until last year when it was already 12 seasons in but I'm glad I did – there's so many different characters that everyone can find someone to relate to. There's times when it's overdramatic but it has so much heart and I'm yet to find someone who can get through all the episodes without crying at least once!"

    Submitted by Rachael Gosney, Facebook.

    15. The X-Files


    Watch on: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix US, Canada, and more

    "From the outside looking in, it seems like a creepy show about aliens, but real fans know it’s actually the greatest love story of all time. People have been obsessed with this show for over 20 years, and for a good reason. Watch the first three episodes and you’ll be hooked!"

    Submitted by jeanc46002050b.

    16. Parks and Recreation


    Watch on: Netflix US

    "I could literally watch every episode a thousand times over and still laugh (and I do). It's so positive and the humour isn’t based around people being assholes to each other. It's filled with honest, smart comedy and it isn’t half-assed like so many popular shows are."

    Submitted by bisonnotbuffalo.

    17. The West Wing


    Watch on: Sky Go, Netflix US

    "I still watch it 10+ years after I started and recommend it to everyone. It’s the reason I studied US Politics."

    Submitted by jenis411b4d6b7.

    18. House


    Watch on: Netflix US, UK, Canada, and more

    "I honestly think House MD is one of the best shows ever made. Individual episodes follow a similar pattern but following his story and relationships gets better and better every season."

    Submitted by jonathanf4d122f98b.

    19. Making A Murderer


    Watch on: Netflix Worldwide

    "By the end I felt like I knew Steven and Brendan and, without giving anything away to people that haven’t seen it (why haven’t you seen it!?), I’ve never hated a lawyer so much! I seriously need a new series with updates soon."

    Submitted by lauraelizabethx.

    20. Peaky Blinders


    Watch on: BBC Store, Netflix US, UK, Canada, and more

    "Peaky Blinders is just incredible. I’m not even at series two yet but I watched all of series one on two days because it was that good and I do not regret the time spent. Spicy in every way."

    Submitted by bellac4c493184a.

    21. Friends


    Watch on: Netflix US, Brazil, France, and more

    "It's funny, it's emotional, you have great characters, and you will cry a lot. It’s a classic and everyone should watch it because otherwise you’re missing out."

    Submitted by Darktor.

    22. Freaks and Geeks


    Watch on: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix US, Canada, Australia, and more

    "Freaks and Geeks always comes up when people talk about shows that got cancelled too soon, and it actually is that good. Maybe that’s because it got cancelled after its first season."

    Submitted by helialayla.

    23. How To Get Away With Murder


    Watch on: Netflix US, UK, Canada, and more

    "It's so addictive and features a lot of great characters and great acting. I'm only halfway through and it's already a ten out of ten!"

    Submitted by Lois Aspinall, Facebook.

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