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    Chrissy Teigen Called Out Twitter's User Support In Solidarity With Leslie Jones

    "Maybe I'll quit everything, move up to San Fran and sit at Twitter HQ and do it myself."

    Celebrities are rallying in support of Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones after she became the victim of racial and misogynistic abuse on Twitter.

    Among the celebs to tweet their solidarity with Leslie was model and all-round badass woman Chrissy Teigen.

    Chrissy described the abuse sent to Leslie as "horrific", saying that she has "never seen anyone's mentions this bad".

    The fake screen grabs of tweets she didn't write are horrific. I've never seen ANYONE'S mentions this bad.

    She then called for Twitter to make improvements to its user support system, after a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that they "still have a lot of work in front of [them] before Twitter is where it should be on how [they] handle these issues".

    I love you, @Twitter. I love you so much. But please get it together. Stand up for your users who deserve better.

    "Anything to show you give a damn," she said in response to a person who asked what Twitter could do in these situations.

    At the least, delete the account. ANYTHING to show you give a damn would be nice.

    She also had some words for people who would suggest blocking or muting the perpetrators of hate speech.

    And please don't come at me with the "it's social media" "toughen up" "block them" bullshit - especially if you haven't experienced it

    Not even talking about random internet trolls (will never go away) - talking about true hate speech. Some incredibly vile stuff out there.

    She then suggested that she would just move to San Francisco and do the job herself.

    maybe I'll quit everything, move up to San Fran and sit at Twitter HQ & do it myself. But who will be an idiot on lip sync battle if not me


    And she also had an answer to someone who suggested that deleted trolls would just make new accounts.

    For me, it's more about Twitter at least pretending to care. I know these people will always exist.

    She finished by saying that although trolls will always be trolls, action needs to be taken against accounts that post genuinely abusive and provocative things.

    Sorry I really don't want to sound whiney here. I can take the random jabs - it's not about that. It's the accounts that post things like:

    (Cont) ...explicitly making violent threats. defamation by way of fake tweets. photos of black men hanging from trees. I see it all.

    The fake tweets thing sounds silly but it can literally ruin lives. I would HATE to be Leslie and having people think I said those things.

    Chrissy out. 👑💖

    Anyhow clearly there are bigger fish to fry in this world, especially now. But my outrage has a wide range. Rant over.