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    10 Common Dating Rules, Debunked By Little Mix

    BuzzFeed met up with the ladies of Little Mix to discuss first dates, texting back, and cheesy pick-up lines...

    Rebecca Hendin / Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock – better known as the ladies of Little Mix – have been taking the world by storm since their X Factor win back in 2011. They're all about girl power, so when BuzzFeed met up with the band backstage at their recent secret gig with Cornetto, we put them to the test and asked them to debunk some common dating rules we found in women's magazines...

    Rule #1: Never kiss on the first date.


    Leigh-Anne: It depends!

    Jesy: I mean, it depends where the night takes you. It’s not that bad.

    Perrie: There’s nothing wrong with kissing on the first date! However you feel.

    Leigh-Anne: Yep, however you feel.

    Rule #2: The guy should always pay for the first date.


    Jesy: I do think on a first date it’s nice.

    Perrie: It is nice, but I wouldn’t really mind.

    Leigh-Anne: I think you should take it in turns. At least offer.

    Jade: Or you leave the tip!

    Jesy: You leave a £1 tip. [laughs]

    Rule #3: Always wait a few hours to respond to a text.


    Perrie: A few hours?!

    Leigh-Anne: D’you know what, these relationship games get on my nerves. If you like someone, and they like you, just message them and be done with it. I’m sick of seeing all my friends going, “Oh, should I message him back yet? He hasn’t messaged me for a day, should I wait?”

    Perrie: It’s horrible.

    Jesy: But you never want to be clingy.

    Leigh-Anne: Just take it as it comes!

    Rule #4: The guy should be the first to text you after a first date.


    Jesy: Yes! Win!

    Jade: Yeah, it’s nice. It’s good for a girl’s confidence. It’s very gentlemanly.

    Rule #5: The guy should always initiate the first kiss.


    Leigh-Anne: I’m not sure, because if you feel it-

    Jesy: NO.

    Perrie: I wouldn’t have the confidence to kiss someone first!

    Leigh-Anne: But if you both know it’s going to happen anyway...

    Jesy: If he wants to do it, he’ll do it.

    Perrie: I like a man who’ll take control.

    Leigh-Anne: Get drunk and just do it!

    BuzzFeed: That's another question...

    Rule #6: Don't have more than two drinks on the first date.


    Jade: Naaaaahhh.

    Perrie: Definitely not, I drink loads on the first date! I have pre-drinks!

    Jesy: It didn’t work out well for me. Well, it did. In the end.

    Rule #7: Don't wear bold lipstick on a date.


    Leigh-Anne: But if it’s the first date, and you don’t want to kiss him…

    Jesy: It’s a good idea, yeah!

    Rule #8: Don't wear heels on a date.


    Jade: I’d agree with that. I’d be scared I would fall over or something.

    Leigh-Anne: No, I’d want to be elevated and feel hot.

    BuzzFeed: What if you end up being taller?

    Jade: Then you know they’re too short for you.

    Rule #9: Don't talk about exes or other dates.


    Jade: I hate when they talk about their ex.

    Jesy: Yeah, no one wants to know.

    And finally, Rule #10: Never use cheesy pick-up lines.


    Jesy: I think if they do it on purpose, and it’s a joke, it can be funny.

    Leigh-Anne: So you would say win, then.

    Jesy: No, because I don’t believe in it, so I’m saying fail.

    Perrie: I’ll tell you what, never give Little Mix bats. It just confuses them!

    Thanks for playing along, girls! Check out Little Mix's campaign with Cornetto, and tweet using the hashtag #MakeAMove!

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed