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Kristen Bell Said She And Dax Shepard Made A Deal To "Role-Play" Apologising After They Fight In Front Of Their Kids

"Whenever we make up behind closed doors, we role-play the next morning."

I think we can all agree that when it comes to celebrity couples, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of the realest.

They're always open and honest about the roadblocks they've dealt with in their relationship, from Kristen's revelation that she felt "no sparks" when she first met her husband to their experiences with marriage therapy.

And they also don't shy away from talking about the fact that they fight every once in a while.

In fact, Kristen recently opened up about a fight they had that got so bad, they "blacked out" and ended up not speaking to each other for three days.

Well, during a recent appearance on The Motherly Podcast, Kristen explained exactly how they deal with resolving said fights when it comes to setting an example for their two daughters.

She said that she and Dax had made a deal to "role-play" apologising to each other after they realised kids are able to sense tension in adult conversations but don't see the resolution if it happens behind closed doors.

"So [Dax] said, let's make a deal that whenever we make up behind closed doors, that we role-play the next morning," she went on.

Every time we're testy with each other, the next morning I'll say, "Good morning, Daddy — I just wanted to say, last night, I had a really long day and I'm sorry that I snapped at you about, you know, not having the dinner that you wanted." And he would say, "Yeah, Mommy, you're right, I had a hard day too, and I'm really sorry." And then we physically kiss and hug.

Kristen said the solution came from their belief that kids have to witness the adults in their lives doing something in order to learn to do it themselves.

You can listen to Kristen's full interview on The Motherly Podcast here.