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    Jameela Jamil Apologised For Being “Preachy” After She Dragged Kim Kardashian West’s New Body Makeup Line

    “Everything that I talk about negatively is stuff that I, almost always, have done myself.”

    If there’s one thing we all know about Jameela Jamil, it’s that she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

    In the last few months alone, she’s repeatedly called out celebrities who post sponsored ads for weight loss products.

    FLAT TUMMY PRODUCTS FOR... PREGNANT WOMEN? Is this FDA approved? Are we... fucking... KIDDING? @US_FDA

    And just this weekend, Jameela expressed her disdain towards Kim Kardashian West’s new line of body makeup, encouraging potential buyers to “save money and time and give yourself a damn break”.

    Hard pass. God damn the work to take it all off before bed so it doesn’t destroy your sheets... I’d rather just make peace with my million stretch marks and eczema. Taking off my mascara is enough of a pain in the arse. Save money and time and give yourself a damn break. ❤️

    Her tweet was met with mixed reactions, to say the least. Some people agreed with Jameela, while others said the decision to use makeup is personal and not something people should be shamed for.

    @jameelajamil I think it's harder for some people to simply 'make peace' with their scars and stretch marks. Kim herself suffers with psoriasis and it can make people incredibly self conscious. If they want to put body make up on, they should be left to do so...

    @jameelajamil Honestly. I have horrendous marks all over my arms because of eczema scarring and dermatitis all over my face and I find covering my face traumatic enough. Let alone the rest of my body. My skin may not be perfect but it’s mine and I’d rather be real. Jesus. More superficial crap

    @jameelajamil That’s your choice, some people dont leave the house with how insecure their skin makes them feel and if this is an option to help some people let it be. I’m sure if it wasn’t from a kardashian you’d think the idea of body make up potentially a good one.

    @jameelajamil Scars are beautiful because they come with stories. Some are joyous stories and some are horrible, but those stories are part of what makes us who we are. Why are we trying to cover the visual evidence that we lived a life? Thats all scars and wrinkles are, indicators of life.

    @jameelajamil I agree with everything else you say but honestly as someone with visible S/H scars over my body this would be an idea to be a) more comfortable in public b) helpful to those who would be triggered by scars.

    One person said it seemed like she was suggesting that wearing body makeup would make someone a bad feminist.

    @jameelajamil I have the same condition as you on my legs, body and face. I also had to go through a lot to get to not feel shame. But what if a woman loves and accepts her body, is a feminist and still wants to wear body makeup?

    And Jameela responded, clarifying that she spoke about the issue because she feels that men aren’t held to the same standards when it comes to physical perfection.

    I never said wearing body make up makes you a bad feminist, or wrong in any way. I suggested that as men aren’t told to cover up, why should we have to spend the money and time doing so? Especially SUCH time consuming stuff. I just want to know *why* our perfection is expected...

    On Wednesday, in a video posted on her Twitter account, Jameela apologised for coming across as “preachy” when she talks about these issues.

    “I just wanted to say sorry for if I ever come across like a preachy wanker when I’m off on one of my rants about gender inequality, especially when it comes to beauty standards,” Jameela said in the video.

    “I’m speaking from a place of love and passion and concern that you will make the same mistakes I’ve made,” Jameela went on. “I’ve spent 20 years of my life having an eating disorder and using the lasers and using the creams, and drinking the detox tea.”

    Jameela went on to say that, while she doesn’t want young people to make the same mistakes she did, she would never judge anyone for making their own decisions.

    I would like to be a voice in the chaos that just tells you that you don’t have to, and we don’t have to think our entire worth is wrapped up in this shit. It wasn’t meant to judge you, I would never judge you. I would never have the right to, I’ve made more mistakes than any of you probably ever will. I’ve wasted more money and more time and more opportunities for happiness than many people in this world.

    And she finished by saying she would “work on her tone” to make sure it doesn’t sound like she’s telling people what to do.

    People thanked Jameela for acknowledging the issue and accepting that she needed to work on it.

    @jameelajamil I’m so glad you are addressing your growth 💙. It makes me truly proud that you listen and care about your fans and you want to have open conversations. Love you always 🤟🏻

    @jameelajamil As soon as someone tries to make a difference there's 10 people trying to pull them down. You're not perfect. No one is. But should that stop you from trying to do good in this world? Fuck no. I'm glad you persist. More people should.

    You can watch Jameela’s video in full here:

    I was thinking about how I can sometimes, in my passion, not take into account how much tone is lost in written text, and how I understand how that must rub people up the wrong way sometimes. Working on it. Listening. Hearing you always. ❤️