Just 27 Flawless Photos Of The "Riverdale" Cast On Set Of Season 2


    1. Here's the whole cast kicking off the season with a table read and making me SO EXCITED MONTHS IN ADVANCE.

    2. Here's Camila Mendes (Veronica), KJ Apa (Archie), and Charles Melton (our brand new Reggie!) enjoying a pizza night.

    3. And here's Camila and Lili Reinhart (Betty) being a modern Renaissance painting.

    4. Here's Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl) preparing to head back to Toronto to start filming, and looking absolutely flawless.

    5. Here's a ~sneak peek~ at some season 2 Vixen action, with Camila, Lili, Madelaine, and Ashleigh Murray (Josie).

    6. And here's an adorable Varchie moment.

    7. Here's Cole Sprouse (Jughead) hanging out with Mark Consuelos, who'll be playing Veronica's previously-absent dad, Hiram Lodge.

    8. And here's one of Mark hanging out with his on-screen daughter.

    9. And, oh my god, I'm so excited for the Lodge family to be reunited in a DRAMATIC AS HELL way.

    10. Here's the whole gang heading back to Toronto for shooting after San Diego Comic Con.

    11. Here's Ashleigh, posing up a storm and looking like an actual queen, in front of Pop's.

    12. And here's Casey Cott (Kevin) and Cole both celebrating their birthdays on set.

    13. Here are some Pussycats getting ready for a performance.

    14. Here's a sneaky shot of one of Cheryl's scenes...

    15. And here's KJ goofing around on camera.

    16. Here's a breakfast with Charles and KJ that I'm pretty sure we'd all enjoy sitting in on.

    17. Here's KJ and Casey looking mysteriously sooty????? 🤔

    18. And here's Cole on set in his full Jughead vest-and-beanie look.

    19. Here's Charles and Camila hanging out with an edamame bean.

    20. And here's Charles, Mark, and KJ working up a sweat in the gym.

    21. Here's a perfect Lodge family portrait.

    22. And one of Camila meeting Marisol Nichols' (Hermione) real-life daughter.

    23. And here's a perfect Pussycat moment.

    24. Here's Cole, Marisol, and Luke Perry (Fred!!!!!) hanging out between takes.

    25. And Marisol and Madchen Amick (Alice) ~finally~ getting along.

    26. Here's Madchen hanging out with KJ, Camila, and Lili at Pop's, and making me wonder why they would all be there at the same time.

    27. And here's the Cooper family actually not yelling at each other, for once.