Halsey Shaved Her Head Again And Yes, She Looks Incredible

    "I was just thinking about it, I'm not gonna do it."

    So, we all know and love Halsey.

    If there's one thing Halsey is known for — other than, you know, being a music legend, an outspoken and proud activist, and an absolute delight on Twitter — it's experimenting with her ~look~.

    During quarantine alone, we've seen Halsey rocking a cute pixie cut...

    Experimenting with brightly-coloured wigs...

    And, most recently, wearing braids.

    Well, now Ms Ashley Frangipane has decided to take us all back in time to a classic Halsey look, and it all started with this tweet from last week.

    when I was bald everybody was so damn mean to mean now every hot girl ever has a bald head does that mean I can go bald again or what

    Yep. Baldsey is back!

    Based on her tweets, it seems like Halsey is very much feeling her new look.

    She explained on Twitter that after growing out her hair just to see what she looked like with it long, she ultimately decided that she missed being bald.

    I was growing it out for so long and I told myself I wouldn’t shave it till I saw what it was like healthy and long and then I saw it healthy and long and said “mm this is nice but I miss bald.” and then so I did it! https://t.co/qTSuI6XBgq

    And it's no wonder, because she looks INCREDIBLE.

    Long live Baldsey, as far as I'm concerned. 👑