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    Halsey And BTS Giving Each Other Christmas Gifts Is The Cutest Little Thing The Internet Needs Right Now

    This is really all I wanted for Christmas.

    ICYMI, this is K-pop sensation BTS...

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    ...and this is alt-pop queen Halsey.

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    And this summer their song "Boy With Luv" landed on a ton of charts, and TBH, was a total bop.

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    So, it made perfect sense that they'd reunite to perform the song at Jingle Ball this year.

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    During their performance, fans noticed that not only did Halsey and BTS coordinate outfits, but they also had matching sparkly microphones.

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    And if you're a BTS stan you already know that each member of the group has their own sparkly mic, but Halsey never had one until this Jingle Ball performance... so where did hers come from?

    Big Hit

    Well, after some heavy sleuthing on Halsey's YouTube channel, I finally found out how she got her glittery mic.

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    Spoiler alert: BTS gifted it to her!!!!!

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    They gave it to her in an equally glittery box, nonetheless, and Halsey was absolutely thrilled.

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    But then, she had a surprise for them! And gave them each their own gift-filled Christmas stockings — AKA the "biggest sock" RM has ever seen in his life.

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    The boys were happy, Halsey was happy, and the rest is history!

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    Watch Halsey's full video below.

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    P.S. The BTS gift-giving happens around the 3:00 mark.