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Here Are All The Most Ridiculous Moments From The 2017 Brit Awards

TL;DR: That house fell off the stage.

1. Brooklyn Beckham looked like this nan.

2. The 1975 were there and looked positively thrilled.

omg can't believe one direction reunited at the #brits2017

3. Bruno Mars performed wearing this loud shirt.

4. It kind of looked a bit like this.

Bruno Mars' inspiration for his outfit #BRITs2017

5. And this.

Bruno Mars at the Brits like .... #BRITs2017 #brunomars

6. Romesh was wonderful and brutally honest with this diversity quip.

Romesh Ranganathan, take a bow. #BRITs2017

7. Then the 1975 performed and everyone assumed that ITV was hacked for some reason.

8. Just in case you were wondering.

9. People ended up taking the piss.


11. Great screengrabs everyone. Well done.

12. Then Bradley Walsh hugged Rag 'n' Bone man when he won Best British Breakthrough Act.

13. Still, it wasn't as weird as this from Rita Ora.

14. Skepta performed and ITV decided to mute the words "ring ring, pussy" every single time the line was sung.

15. Even though Dermot introduced him like this.

16. That went down well with everyone.

Brits - Let's invite Skepta Brits - let's mute him when he swears

#brits do you mind muting the audio just as I’m mid dad dance?

17. One Direction won the British Artist Video award but only Liam Payne was there to pick it up, which made things sad.


19. And Cowell decided to not reveal the winner for something like 134 years, annoying everybody.

20. Oh and Katy Perry performed and it included these giant skeletons, which looked kind of familiar.

21. Oh, yes.

22. Then, one of the houses fell off the stage.

I'm crying the House fell off the stage 😂 🏠 #BRITs2017 #KatyPerryBRITS

It happened for a split, split second on the TV.

23. The person in the house is OK, so at least we can make jokes.

@scottygb finally some good housing news


Every millennial hoping house prices crash this hard #brits #BRITs2017

25. Thanks, everyone, for a memorable year.

Apart from Little Mix, it feels like this has been a dress rehearsal, like everyone's just knackered or something. #brits

26. It's been great.

Nice of Katy Perry to join in with @BuzzFeedUK's housing crisis week by illustrating the average age of a first tim…