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The Brits

The Brits

Who hung out with who?

"Goodbye, house I'll never be able to afford."

The song is widely understood to address the negative comments made when he and other grime rappers were on stage with Kanye West at the Brits in 2015.

TL;DR: That house fell off the stage.

*Insert joke about property plummeting*

Brooklyn Beckham = a slightly cold nan.

I am the eyes emoji IRL.

The slay continues.

"A supernova in a firmament of shining stars had been extinguished and it felt like the sky had fallen in."

However, they did broadcast Dermot saying the word "batshit crazy" seconds earlier.

It's all about aesthetics, guys.


All the red carpet looks you need too see.

Actual human flame emojis.

People really went with the casual part of smart-casual in the '90s.

This is some ~black magic~.

The Canadian rapper also announced he has signed to grime artist Skepta's Boy Better Know record label.

We all know the real drama happens behind the scenes.


"Adele don't even bother sitting down babe just stay up there."

And gave us another 400 reasons to love her.

What a weird, weird night.

It was alongside Bowie's former tour band and he was given a posthumous trophy.

Spoiler alert: Adele.



Ladies and gentlemen, she is back.

Including 2/5 of the Spice Girls and 2/5 of One Direction...

Despite the fact she was the queen of the red carpet.

Not only did they look sensational, they brought their mums along too.

The star revealed the news on Instagram, before hitting the red carpet with her new fiancé.

They put on a united front on the red carpet.

UPDATE: A petition has been launched calling for the Brit Awards to release its voting academy diversity figures.

It wasn't just a few random guys.

Ed's 6am face is all of our 6am faces.

More or less everything Taylor Swift did, basically.

From the makeup chair to the after-parties.

Is there nothing she can't do?

Poor Madonna.

His girlfriend didn't look too impressed. But we LOVED it.

Oh my goodness... Update: Madonna said that her cape was tied "too tight."

And they proved it at the Brits.

Literally shake, shaking it off. (And all alongside Kim K).

"It didn't take!"

Good song, I guess?

And everyone fell in love.

Wait your turn.

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